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Weekly News Roundup

In the past week we’ve received a lot of news about the new update, a vote for where the next Vainglory World’s Championship will be held and more.

Update 2.1 preview:

The preview for the Update 2.1 has been released with news about a new game mode beta, a new skin, an epic mystery chest and a new supporter badge.

wuxia Oso rare skin:

A much awaited skin for Oso, Wuxia Ozo has finally been released. The skin features:

  • Dragon-head ouroboros ring with deadly saw blades
  • Super strength-building heavy arm rings
  • Topknot and red crystal headband
  • Kung fu pants and leg wraps
  • Ornate Wuxia silk robe and impenetrable leg armor
  • Lion face silk and red rope belt
  • Ringo‚Äôs gourd!


blitz game mode, Supporter badge and epic mystery chest:

With update 2.1 comes 3 new features, a new fast – paced game mode, a badge promoting the support of Vainglorygame and also a New Epic Mystery Chest. The new game mode is Vainglory’s first timed game mode where teams compete to get 15 points of the most points within a 5 minute limit. The new Epic Mystery Chest guarantees a Skin, A hero and at least 20 opals for 999 Ice.

Update 2.1 has been confirmed to release on Wednesday, January the 18th at 9:00am PST. A preview video has also been released.

world’s championship 2017 poll

SEMC have released an official voting system to decide where the 2017 Vainglory World’s Championship will be held. Be sure to cast your vote to help increase the chances of it being in a city near you.

Fnatic to enter Vainglory eSports?

Renowned esports organisation Fnatic is rumoured to be entering the Vainglory scene with a North American guild. Keep checking in for confirmation.

Unified western live championship:

In 2017, North American and European teams will battle each other in Unified Live Championships. The innaugral running will be in the spring season, held in Europe with the championships being a regular fare each season from them on. The winners of the Spring and Summer season’s championships will automatically qualify for the World’s Championship.

interview with Tommy krul:

An interview with Tommy Krul has been published in the Inside Silicon Valley Magazine and is definitely worth checking out. It shows just how much SEMC has grown in the past few years to become what it is now and also shows it’s outlook on the future.

Thank you for reading this week’s News Roundup and I hope you’ll tune in next week for more.

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