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Weekly News Roundup

The past week has seen Vainglory celebrating the Lunar New Year with special deals and awesome skins to fit the theme.


Update 2.1 patch notes:

Last week, we had Update 2.1 drop giving us loads of new features and balance changes. You may have already gotten a feel for them in-game, but feel free to familiarize yourself with the update by reading the official 2.1 Patch Notes.

lunar new year celebration:

In 2.1, you may have noticed some changes to the Halcyon Fold. These are all visual candies in celebration of the Lunar New Year. But what’s a good celebration if we don’t get much from it? Worry not—for soon we’ll have a bunch of ICE, money-saving bundles and giveaways to keep every one of us satisfied! Back this year is the Red Envelope giveaway where just by logging in each day, you get massive Glory and ICE rewards. You will receive a total of 8 envelopes from January 26th and onwards. Also present is a “Twice the ICE” offer where for $10 you can snag yourself 2600 ICE. In the way of bundles, there will be Epic and Rare Mystery Key bundles purchasable through ICE. There is also an Opal discount on Red Lantern Koshka (SE). Check out the full breakdown of the Vainglory Lunar New Year Celebration event for more information.

‘sparkler’ Skaarf skin:

I did mention skins, right? We have 5 shiny, new Skaarf skins, each a different color themed for the occasion.

Choose between Red, Blue, Green and Purple, or purchase the special Sparkler Skaarf bundle in the Market to get a bonus Gold Sparkler skin included!

Each skin features Dragon Swirl Designs and awesome Dragon Horns decked with all new ability effects. The skins hit the market January 22nd. You can get one color, a two color bundle or a special bundle which includes all 4 Sparkler Skaarf skins as well as an exclusive ‘Golden’ one. The 4 skin bundle is 4999 ICE while a single and double skin purchase will set you back 3599 and 4599 ICE respectively.

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Thanks for reading this week’s News Roundup, and be sure to tune in next week for more!

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