Vainglory News Weekly News Roundup

Vainglory Weekly News Roundup

In the past week, we have received Bug Petal (L), a new community API website and some breathtaking community content.

Broken Myth’s usual Weekly News Roundup writer is out until the end of February. So, you’re stuck with me until then! 🙂

Bug Petal Legendary Skin

The forever-anticipated Bug Petal (L) skin has finally made its invasion into the Fold! Now, you’ll be able to blast off as your favorite Meeko and laser beam everything to death… in style. Check out the video, 3D model and lore here. Bug Petal (L) is available to unlock in three ways:

  • The new Epic Mystery Chest
  • Direct 3599 ICE purchase
  • Craft with Bug Petal cards
  • Limited-time bundle which includes Bug Petal (L), x3 RMC keys and x1 EMC key—for 3999 ICE!

Vain.GG Alpha Release

A new community website has arrived, being the first to utilize the recent Vainglory API. At the moment, the tool is only tracking NA & EU-region accounts. Just by entering your IGN on the site, you can view all sorts of sparkly data you’ve never seen before; such as match history, total game time, role performance and much more! We recommend you check them out to brag about your stats. (As for me, I’ll stay quiet…)

Community Content

Artists, video creators, writers and more deserve the spotlight, too! Here’s some stellar community content released in the past week. Want your content featured on Broken Myth? Email

Jiinko’s 2.1 Scout Trap Map

Struggling with your scout trap placement? Jiinko has you covered! Check out the full forum thread, guide and download link.

Rose Niji’s Red Lantern Koshka Fanart

Rose Niji wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year with a very colorful Red Lantern Koshka Fanart. Go show the Tweet some love!

Thanks for reading this week’s News Roundup, and be sure to tune in next week for more!

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