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Weekly News Roundup

Another regional championship, another week of news, and a whole ton of roster changes!

Making Sure Players Receive Guild Payouts

SEMC has officially locked down all guilds, preventing guild leaders from kicking anyone out of their guilds for the remaining week and a half of the winter season. This was due to a large number of complaints of toxic guild leaders kicking people and preventing them from receiving hard-earned end-of-season guild payouts for absolutely no reason. Unfortunately, this bandaid solution also affects guilds who have legitimate reasons for kicking toxic or inactive players. Thankfully, SEMC is aware that this shouldn’t be a long-term solution and is taking feedback!

A Churnful of Lore

Last week, we got three pieces of lore from the lovely SugarVenom (if you haven’t yet, make sure you read the interview we did with her!) in three days. I was crying from happiness. The first was a skin lore for Night Shadow Taka, the second was a Stormguard lore featuring Kestrel, Catherine, and quite a few other ladies, and the last was a Storm Queen lore introducing the new hero: Alpha. Because we’re enormous nerds, we LOVE the first two lores, which hint at the history and geography of the Vainglory world. We can’t wait to hear more about it!

Huge NA Roster Changes!

In the aftermath of the NA Championship, there were many rumblings in the NA server as Vainglorious titans left teams. ttigers left LBX, gabevizzle left GSS, Xeno left HH, and we don’t know where they ended up yet! These are all hugely talented players, and one has to wonder who they’ll join, and if we’ll see them come out in a huge way for the next competitive season. VONC, who left VON Menace after they failed to even make the live championships, has confirmed a position with Nemesis Hydra, who will likely have a starting roster of Chicken123, LostBoyToph, and the new VONC, with Hardek as a sub. Oldskool also left Gankstars Vega after the second qualifier, joining Nemesis Excrucio with iLoveJoseph and Ezadox.

Vainglory at SXSW

SXSW, a multimedia festival, concluded yesterday in Austin, Texas. It featured Vainglory (why else would we mention it?), a speech by President Barack Obama, and other exciting things. But mostly Vainglory. Casters DragonBorne and CyberOwl as well as community manager GodsEye were there repping up Vainglory, and also held a local Vainglory tournament! You can view the VoD on MobCrush’s MobCrush channel. #communityOP!

Give us all your money

In case you missed it last week, we’re now set up to take PayPal donations. We’re also looking into ways to get more moolah so we can create more awesome content, so if you have any suggestions, throw em right at us!

Winter 2016 EU Championships Have Concluded!

[su_spoiler title=”Ruh roh! Spoiler!” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-2″]A huge congratulations to Team Secret, now two-time EU Champions! If you missed any of the matches and want to catch up, be sure to read our recaps! Also, another huge thank you to BrianGlory for making us lovely banners for both our EU and NA Winter Championships![/su_spoiler]

At the end of the championships stream, PlayOffBeard teased us by announcing that there would be a new hero (Alpha) and a new map in the next update – we’re hyped to see what it’ll be!

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