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Vainglory Weekly News Roundup

This week in Vainglory News is headlined by the release of a new skin, news of an educational event and another pro eSports team entering the Vainglory competitive scene.

Rare ‘gangster’ Gwen skin

Damn, it feels good to be a Gankstar. Err… Gangster*

An epic new look (but somehow a rare skin) of Gwen will hit the fold with the coming of the next update: ‘Gangster Gwen‘. The skin features :

  • 1920’s style tuxedo style dress
  • Garters & boots
  • Wiseguy fedora
  • Crosshair ponytail accessory
  • Modernized weapons: sawed-off tactical shotgun & suppressed semi-automatic pistol

vainglory teaching event

SEMC is offering you all a unique opportunity to show off anything you feel important to gameplay mechanics that you’ve learned over your time playing. Yes—you can finally show your teachers that you can do just what they do! (When the subject interests you, of course.)

To join, you must EITHER:

  • Create a video! We suggest you use the built-in replay feature.
  • Make a detailed VaingloryFire build guide.
  • Make an educational guide on Vainglory’s forums, or your personal blog or website.
  • Design an educational graphic.

For the full details. visit the official page on the Vainglory Website.

denial esports Joins VainglorY

Reputed International eSports organization Denial eSports has made an entry into the Vainglory competitive scene, picking up a team, Beyond Horizon, in the EU region. The team consists of ArtemisGrace, Bashn, ImtheDoom, Tesfaye and Qiyama—all top players in the region. We look forward to seeing them perform in Vainglory 8, having already beaten Team Rising Lotus.

VAinglory 8: Week 1

The season openers for the Spring Season of Vainglory 8 for both EU and NA regions took place over the weekend. Be on the lookout for full coverage of the games in an article on Broken Myth later this week!

Thanks for reading this week’s News Roundup, and be sure to tune in next week for more!

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