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In the past two weeks, we’ve seen an endless amount of teases for update 1.24, information on a new Premier League for the East Asia region and some more action in EVIL 8 where teams fought for the final few spots in World’s.

1.24 hero; abilities and splash art:

The wait has finally come to an end and we’ve received details on the new hero, Flicker; namely, his abilities, splash art and an in-game video. Flicker is a sneaky trickster able to disrupt foes with his debilitating abilities. You’ll want to keep some Flares handy going up against him due to his team-wide stealth capability.flicker_hero_splashart_final

1.24 skins:

The previous week, we saw the release of the much awaited ‘Shiro Kage Taka’ Tier 3 skin. This week, we got more to look forward to and save up for in ‘Red Lantern Koshka’ and ‘Killer Bunny Rona’. These are the slightly changed-up versions of the skins released in past seasons. Be sure to save up for them because they look amazing. Along with these, we got to take a look at ‘Sorrowblade Glaive Tier II’. His new skin features the in-game item inspired Sorrowblade and an all-new black fur look. Another skin that has been long – awaited is a Special Edition Ringo skin which will also be releasing in 1.24 as ‘Bakuto Ringo’. This skin has a brand-new look, a smoldering smirk and an automatic pistol. It will be available in the Seasonal Chest as well as for ICE and Opals, the latter slightly afterwards.1000x500_killer_bunny_new 1000x500_red_lantern_koshka_new sorrowblade_glaive_splashart02ringo_skin_se_splashart_final_cropped

arena 8; ea premier esports league:

SEMC has announced the format of an upcoming premier esports league for the EA region, ARENA 8. In the Winter Preseason, the Arena8 will feature four teams from Vainglory Premier League Korea and the four teams of Gamers League Prime Autumn in Japan. These top teams will compete for a $15,000 USD prize pool. The series will be conducted every season from 2017 and the top teams will represent EA in the 2017 Vainglory World Championship.


evil 8 split 2; week 2:

eu; day 1:

series 1 – rising lotus vs team secret:

Winner – Team Secret (2-1)


series 2 – Gankstars cerberus vs snow tsunami:

Winner -Gankstars Cerberus (2-1)


series 3 – g2 esports vs sk gaming:

Winner – G2 Esports (2-1)


series 4 – mousesports vs snow avalanche:

Winner – Mousesports (2-0)

na; day 1:

hammers velocity vs kinetik:

Winner – Kinetik (2-1)


series 2 – gankstars Sirius vs phoenix reign:

Winner – Gankstars Sirius (2-0)


Series 3 – fates vs cloud 9:

Winner – Cloud 9 (2-0)


series 4 – team solomid vs ardent aurora:

Winner – Team Solomid (2-0)


eu; day 2:

series 1 – gankstars Cerberus vs mousesports:

Winner – Gankstars Cerberus (2-1)

 series 2 – g2 esports vs team secret:

Winner – Team Secret (2-1)

 series 3 – mousesports vs g2 esports:

Winner – Mousesports


series 4 – team secret vs gankstars Cerberus:

Winner – Gankstars Cerberus (2-0)


na; day 2:

series 1 – team solomid vs gankstars Sirius:

Winner – Team Solomid (2-0)


series 2 – cloud 9 vs kinetic:

Winner – Cloud 9 (2-1)

 series 3 – gankstars Sirius vs kinetik:

Winner – Gankstars Sirius (2-0)


series 4 – team solomid vs cloud 9:

Winner – Cloud 9 (2-0)


capture capturouhe

Hope you all liked the News Roundup for the week and that you’ll tune in next time!









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