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Weekly News Roundup

We’ve had some big news drop this week, including the final spots for the inaugural World’s Tournament being filled up, the first pieces of the lore for the new hero, Flicker, and the release of the official Patch notes for Update 1.24. flicker_hero_splashart_final

update 1.24;

patch notes-

The official Patch notes for Update 1.24 have been released. Check it out and catch up on the new features, skins, hero and balance changes. The update has tons of new stuff and is sure to meet everyone’s expectations with at least one change or another.

flicker; lore-

The first part of the lore for the new hero, Flicker has been released, giving new insights to the hero’s backstory and the world of Meekos and Bleekos in “an official post-expedition correspondence with the King of the Bleekos.” Be sure to give it a read!

vainglory world’s tournament; groups:

Last weekend, the top 8 teams of NA and EU fought it out in the EVIL 8 series for the final few spots in the World’s Tournament to fight for the honor of Vainglory World Champions. With the teams finalized, SEMC has released the Groups of the tournament. The tournament will be played in a round-robin format where each team of a group fights against each other team. Once the round is complete, the teams with the most points advance     .whatsapp-image-2016-11-09-at-8-02-47-pm


evil 8 – split 2, week 3:

eu; day 1:

series 1 – team secret vs snow tsunami:

Won by Snow Tsunami (2-0).

series 2 – snow avalanche vs gankstars cerberus:

Won by Gankstars Cerberus (2-0).

series 3 – g2 esports vs rising lotus:

Won by G2 Esports (2-0).

series 4 – sk gaming vs mousesports:

Won by SK Gaming (2-0).

na; day 1:

series 1 – hammers velocity vs gankstars sirius:

Won by Gankstars Sirius (2-0).

series 2 – team solomid vs phoenix reign:

Won by Phoenix reign (2-1).

series 3 – cloud 9 vs kinetik:

Won by Kinetik (2-1).

series 4 – ardent aurora vs fate:

Won by Fate (2-0).

eu; day 2:

series 1 – gs esports vs snow tsunami:

Won by G2 Esports (2-0).

series 2 – gankstars cerberus vs sk gaming:

Won by Gankstars Cerberus (2-1).

series 3 – snow tsunami vs sk gaming:

Not Streamed.

series 4 – g2 esports vs gankstars cerberus:

Not Streamed.

na; day 1:

series 1 – gankstars sirius vs kinetik:

Won by Gankstars Sirius (2-1).

series 2 – fate vs phoenix reign:

Won by Fate (2-1).

series 3 – kinetic vs phoenix reign:

Not Streamed.

series 4 – gankstars sirius vs fate:

Won by Gankstars Sirius (2-0).


Hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of the News Roundup and that you’ll check back next week as well!

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