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Weekly News Roundup

The past week has seen a couple new events, messages from the developers at SEMC and a look at a new skin that will be released in 1.25. We also got a couple teases of the new update here and there.

‘vainglory gives thanks’ event:

With the holiday season nearing and Thanksgiving just around the corner, SEMC has announced a new event, the ‘Vainglory Gives Thanks‘ Event.

“Team Super Evil wants to give thanks to the truly incomparable Vainglory community. We have a lot to be thankful for this past year — a great new set of heroes, some awesome skins, a vibrant esports scene and a better game than ever — and that starts and ends with our most important asset: the Vainglory community.”

This event includes a Double Glory Thanksgiving Weekend, from Wednesday evening till Sunday evening. The event will also see a Black Friday Sale. Here’s how it works: A few select Heroes and skins will be available for discount. The more social media shares the sale announcement gets, the more it’s discounted — up to 75% off. For every 1000 shares, the price of that skin or hero will be dropped by 1%. The following heroes and skins will be available for the sale.

  • Skye
  • Samuel
  • Glaive
  • Lance
  • Lyra
  • Sylvan Kestrel Tier I
  • Shiro Kage Taka Tier II
  • Shogun Ringo Tier III
  • Death Metal Krul Tier III
  • SAWBorg SAW Tier II
  • Stormlord Ardan Tier I

1.25 skin; gladiator ardan:

Adding to the hype of the new update which is bound to be huge, SEMC has given us all an early look at a new skin that will be, quite literally, leaping into the fold this next update. The Splash art 3-D Model and Alternate Fates Lore for ‘Gladiator Ardan‘ have all been released. ardan_gladiator_splash1000x591

Developer message:

With Vainglory reaching 2 years since it’s inception, the Developers over at SEMC have released a special message on their Facebook page. Be sure to give it a watch for hints about the new update.

first vainglory team house; Team solomid:

Since its humble beginnings, Vainglory has been pushing to be a widely recognized esports. Vainglory keeps getting bigger and bigger as professional esports organizations have joined the fray, a World Championship has been announced, and nearly every geographical region has its own major tournament. With the competition becoming more and more fierce with every newcomer, teams are looking for every edge they can get. Renowned NA esports organization, Team Solomid has taken a huge step in that direction by opening the first ever Vainglory Team House. Team houses allow their team to bond, increase synergy, and practice, practice, practice all the time as they live and work together. We expect more teams to follow in the future, good luck to everyone as they prepare for Worlds!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks’ News Roundup and that you’ll come back next time for more!

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