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The past week has been a little slow with only a little more information regarding the Live Championships and ways to get your hands on that seemingly elusive Phinn skin. We also had a couple fun matches on the eSports side of things in anticipation of a huge end to the Summer Season.

Phinn skin giveaways:

In a new way to unlock the Summer Party Phinn Skin, SEMC has announced a competition which is sure to bring out our artistic sides. Now, you can draw out the new Summer Party Phinn and post it on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to unlock the skin. If you’re like me, though, and the only thing you know about drawing is that you are terrible at it, then there’s a way for you too. Retweeting/Reposting your favorite drawign gives you a chance too. Read the full details here to make sure your submission is eligible to win!

Live Championships details:

We now have all the details regarding the live championships. I’d strongly recommend going with a bunch of goodies at your disposal from getting to meet Devs, Competitive players/Streamers to special SEMC swag bags. You can also unlock Samuel and Summer Party Phinn. Y’know, these are times when I hate being in SEA. Check out this link to see the full details and find out where you can buy tickets.

evil 8 compilation; top plays, split 2:

Famed NA player Vyzeox has created a compilation of some of the best plays of the second split of the EVIL 8 series in a YouTube video. Be sure to show it some love–it’s worth your time and likes.



First up, we had a fun match of two games between Snow Tsunami and Rising Lotus which featured a couple tweaks to the draft. Game One featured only Heroes with Summer Skins. The match was pretty even, but Snow Tsunami came out on top as their CP Saw worked out better than Lotus’s CP Kestrel. The second game ran a reverse draft: each team had to draft heroes for the other team. The main thing here was trying to pick Heroes that the other team would struggle with. We saw a fun draft with no Protector on either side. Tsunami was way ahead this game in a dominant show of muscle.

Next we had a grudge match between North America (BestChuckNA, e36,PONtheOriginal) and Europe (Emirking and KValafar along with Sn3aKy). Keep in mind the first match was played on EU servers for a slight disadvantage to NA players. That slight disadvantage looked huge after EU took a huge first win. The WP Lance pick on Sn3aKy was doing insane work, entirely shutting down PON’s jungle. They had a 10+ kill lead by the 15th minute and won the game with Kraken. The second game convinced me that the Server could be making the difference as the NA squad won big this time… and this game was played on the NA server. PON’s WP Skye did a great job. They had a 13k gold lead in the 16th minute, with an 18 kill lead to boot. NA won with a great push sans Kraken.

For the next two matches, the baton was handed over to the next set of players: WalDeMar, Raph and Mowglie for EU versus VONC, MICSHE and LostBoyToph for NA. VONC got his famous Kestrel which really wasn’t good for our buddies in the EU, as VONC played like a beast. MICSHE also had a good Samuel, giving the Fold’s newest Hero a solid first performance in the EVIL8. LostBoyToph was just doing his stuff, silently pushing the team forward into a landslide victory. The next game, NA was forced to go double CP, with VONC going an unusual CP Saw which didn’t work out so well. This game was much more suited to the Europeans, and Raph showed off some amazing Glaive plays. They won, equalizing the second series.

The next two games, NA was represented by FlashX, StartingAllOver and Statusbaked with L3oN, Asater and Bayu fighting for EU. This next game was a lot more even, continuing on until the 20 minute mark–which really didn’t work out well for Asater’s WP Lance. Statusbaked also had a very strong Kestrel, and NA took this round’s first victory. The next game saw the return of dominating wins, this time back with a vengeance. The North American team could have started a clinic with an insanely great combination of Kestrel from StartingAllOver and Samuel from StatusBaked. The pair racked up 31 kills and won in just 11 minutes.

Next up on the rotating roster were SuiJeneris, Oldskool and iLoveJoseph for NA versus Kentysik, AeOn and KValafar for EU. This game was also very one-sided towards NA. Oldskool was an absolute menace on Adagio. Also, Krul wasn’t working out so well for AeOn with a very good performance on Roam Lyra from SuiJeneris. With this victory, NA were guaranteed the overall victory. They took this as no reason to go easy on EU the next game, however, with another huge win. iLoveJoseph showed us all exactly what WP Taka is made of, helping his team to a 22 kill lead by the end of the match.

To bring the first day to an end, we had an NA version of the match with the tweaked drafts, again with a Summer Party Draft and a Reverse Draft. This game saw Hammers Kinetic going up against Nemesis Hydra. The Summer Party game was very close. In the 17th minute, the gold lead was only 2k ahead in the favor of Hammers Kinetic with the kills being dead even. The game went to Nemesis Hydra, though with a 19 minute ace. The Reverse Draft saw SuiJeneris getting stuck with a Roam Koshka, MICSHE on Rona and LostBoyToph on Roam Petal. This second game was also very close. MICSHE was doing work on Rona, though with a great Serpents Mask, Breaking Point  power spike. Hammers got an ace in the 15th minute for the win.

DAY 2:

The day started off with the EU Summer Party and Reverse Draft. This time, it was G2 Esports vs SK Gaming. For the Summer Party draft, the two teams had a mirror comp with minor differences in builds. They both had Lane CP Saw, Jungle WP Kestrel and Roam Phinn. Even so, the game was very much in SK’s favor. They had a 17 kill, 5k gold lead by the time the Vain shattered. Cr3am had a much better CP Saw than PRZ. The Reverse Draft resulted in a Roam Krul on Face and a Roam BF on Bayu. This game was also highly favored to SK Gaming with a 12 kill, 10k gold lead at the end.

Next up for the day, we had the Captain Draft Rosters where the Captains feom NA/EU were allowed to pick out a team of 3 NA/EU players.

For the first series Team KValafar (VONC, Statusbaked, XenoTek) went up against Team BestChuckNA (GreatKhALI, Lookatme, Emirking). The First match was very even and was pushed beyond the 20 minute mark. By this point, Team KValafar was way behind on objectives but still had the gold lead. At the 23rd minute, though, Team BestChuckNA got the Ace for the win with a strong late game Skaarf and an insane Krul from Lookatme. Team KValafar dominated the next match with a very strong WP Lance from VONC and a great Kestrel from KValafar. XenoTek was forced to go Roam, again, but had a great Roam Lyra. The next game was also dominated by team KValafar with another great showing on Roam Lyra and a superb CP Saw by VONC.
Next, we had Team LostBoyToph (DarkPotato, Bayu, Asater) vs Team Mowglie (FlashX, Hardek, MICSHE). This game saw two famous Roamers, LostBoyToph and FlashX playing carry role. LostBoyToph was way more suited to carrying with a very good Kestrel with FlashX going for a all damage WP Lance, which fell off hard in the late game. This huge drop in power provided the opportunity for Team LostBoyToph to win very convincingly, and they delivered all the way. The next game saw both LostBoyToph and FlashX returning to roam. This game was pretty even in terms of kills, but Team LostBoyToph had a huge lead on pushing turrets. When trying a backdoor, though, Bayu was caught out, and promptly slain. But Team LostBoyToph wasn’t done, as Asater managed to pull off a great 2v3 for the Ace and the win.
For the finals, we had Team LostBoyToph vs Team KValafar. In the first game, despite going up against a WP Lance, Team KValafar did quite well in the early game. VONC had a great Samuel and the Adagio from KValafar was unbeatable. Team KValafar won with an 11 kill lead. The next game, VONC went for a WP Taka, which was absolutely insane. LostBoyToph also tried his luck on Kestrel again, but this time it did not work out. XenoTek got to finally go carry on Adagio with KValafar going Roam Lyra. Something interesting to point out from these finals: VONC went for a lot of damage on his Taka with most WP Taka’s build more defensively. In the 16th minute, LostBoyToph was able to steal a Kraken, but it didn’t matter. Team KValafar got an ace immediately afterwards and pushed for the win, completely ignoring Kraken. They won with another massive 21 kill lead.

Next we had the NA Summer Party Draft and Reverse Draft matches featuring Legacy Reborn and Liberation X.
This game, we finally got to see PON on his famous WP Saw. e36 went for a Roam Krul. Both teams went for double WP comps. This game was pretty even between both teams. Towards the tenth minute, though, LibX started to build up a slight lead. That slight lead was the key, and they were able to push up to the Crystal by building upon it. Legacy was able to secure an Ace in the 23rd minute and pushed up two turrets and got Kraken. LibX tried for a last ditch base race but were shut down. Legacy didn’t get the ace, but only ttigers remained back at base. Legacy pushed for the win and took it. For the Reverse Draft match, we saw R3cKeD on a Roam Rona and e36 on a Roam Koshka. We also saw ttigers on a Lane CP Ozo. This game turned out to be very even. In the 14th minute, the gold difference was barely a thousand in the favor of Legacy and the Kills were even. Both teams pushed all the way to their enemies’ bases, and in the 21st minute, Legacy’s Reim, Rona, Skaarf comp got an Ace for the last win of the day!


I hope you had fun reading this round-up. This week’s matches in EVIL8 were very fun–no stakes, just pure fun. Tune in next week for coverage of the Live Championships.

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