Vainglory All Stars

What, Who, When is Vainglory All Stars?

Hang tight: The Vainglory universe is about to expand. Founders from Super Evil Megacorp have started a new mobile game studio, Bazooka Tango, and have raised $2.5 million in funding from investors. Bazooka Tango is set to debut their first game this year — Vainglory All Stars. This new action-packed title will utilize the extensive creative resources from Vainglory to jumpstart the studio’s realm of games. Let’s break down everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

What is Vainglory All Stars?

Remember that game we used to write about last year? It’s that, but different. Vainglory All Stars is a new 3V3 brawler coming to iOS and Android. The game is set in the Vainglory universe that you already know and love, so expect to feel right at home if you’re coming from its parent brand. For the official trailer video, skip to the 2:23 mark below.

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Who is behind Vainglory All Stars?

Vainglory All Stars is being developed by Bazooka Tango, a new mobile gaming company. The startup was founded by Stephen Sherman (CaptainNeato) and Bo Daly (Nansen), both of whom were co-founders of Super Evil Megacorp before leaving the company this time last year. Out of the 11 person team, the majority worked at SEMC; so, look forward to seeing familiar names throughout the development cycle.

Bazooka Tango secured $2.5 million in seed funding, where investors give a startup $$$ in exchange for stake in the company. This plants the seed for them to push their road map. The company is also maintaining a special relationship with SEMC for IP purposes and to utilize their E.V.I.L. engine.

One thing is for sure: Bazooka Tango has a positive outlook, being composed of game studio veterans from companies such as Riot Games, EA, and Rockstar. If you feel frustrated with Vainglory itself, remember that this is an entirely new venture for many experienced developers. Give them your support and encouragement as they work to publish the next big mobile-first game!

When can I play Vainglory All Stars?

Trust me: I’m asking the same question. Vainglory All Stars is currently in a technical beta for Android devices in the Brazil region. If this describes you, open the Google Play store and start playing. Right now. Otherwise, sit tight for a little while longer. The release will be on a country-by-country basis, so if you cannot get your hands on the game at first, don’t panic — your time will come. Submit your email address on the official website to be included on the upcoming beta list.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Play Vainglory.
(SEMC, enjoy your new slogan.)

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