Broken Myth Wiki – Warhorn

[su_row][su_column]Tip: Help your entire team engage the enemy team or flee from battle.”

Warhorn is a 3rd-tier utility item built out of Ironguard Contract. It provides mobility, health, NPC damage, extra hero damage, and the Ironguard Passive.

It is a comparable item to Contraption, which instead provides vision, AoE NPC damage, and cooldown acceleration.[/su_column][su_column][su_box title=”Warhorn”]
2500 Gold
+400 Max Health
+16 Health Regeneration
Active: Warhorn
Passive: Stormguard Banner (+30%)
Passive: Ironguard Contract[/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]


Warhorn is crafted from a Stormguard Banner, a Dragonheart, and an additional 900 gold. The recipe can be seen below.

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Warhorn is not built into anything.

Warhorn (Active)

Tip: Help your entire team engage the enemy team or flee from battle.”

Grants +2.75 movespeed to all nearby teammates. Last 1s for all heroes affected.

Lasts a minimum of 1 second (self-cast only) or a maximum of 3 seconds (for a whole team cast).

There is a 40 second cooldown on this ability.

Comparable to the Sprint, Travel, and Journey Boots active.

Stormguard Banner (Passive)

Tip: Helps you deal damage to non-heroes if you’re not focused on high-damage items.”

Warhorn inherits a boosted version of Stormguard Banner‘s passive.

Basic attacks deal +20 true damage per second. This is boosted by +1 true damage for every 25 gold earned from the Ironguard Contract passive. This passive maxes out at +150 true damage per second. Additional true damage is reduced to 20% when dealt to enemy heroes, and 130% when dealt to jungle bosses (including the Kraken).

The 130% damage to jungle bosses is unique to Warhorn. Stormguard Banner only deals the flat damage to jungle bosses.

Ironguard Contract (Passive)

Tip: Use this to earn some gold even you’re letting your allies take all the last-hits.”

Warhorn inherits Ironguard Contract‘s passive.

When a nearby ally kills a minion or monster, you earn 75% of that bounty as bonus gold. If that monster has attacked you, you heal for 120 health and your ally also earns a 30% gold bonus.