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Winter 2016 EU Championship: Day 2 Preview

After an exciting first day of the Winter 2016 EU Championship (read more about the Day 1 games here), the games for tomorrow are set. Here’s the preview for day 2!

Series 1: SK Prometheus vs. Rebirth of Empire

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Rebirth of Empire have set themselves up well by winning in the first round. Their new roster will be settled in and have proved to the naysayers that it was a smart move to make. However, they continue the uphill struggle against higher seeds in this next series. SK Prometheus executed a clinical performance in their first round against eighth seed Angry Pandas, and everyone must be wondering if they have something up their sleeve as the opponents become tougher. We saw Raph29 transition back to his old position as a carry and jetpacks taking over as roam, which opens many doors for them since he was relatively easy to counter in the drafting phase. Going up against RoE who have significantly deeper hero pools and intentionally aim to out draft their opponents, this may turn out to be a tough match for SK.

Series 2: Team Secret vs. SNOW Tsunami

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This is definitely the biggest match of the day, and not one to be missed. If you find yourself in need of a bathroom break, hold off until you see what these teams can throw at each other. Team Secret seemingly walked through their first round matchup, but not without some unmistakeable shaky periods, while SNOW Tsunami were forced to battle their sister team Avalanche. These teams are certainly not strangers, as this could be considered a grudge match for the 3-0 defeat SNOW Tsunami suffered at the hands of Team Secret in the first Winter Qualifier.

Series 3: Angry Pandas Black vs. G2.Kinguin

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Expect both of these teams to come out guns blazing as they play with everything on the line. With the looming threat of elimination hanging over this game to whoever loses, we may start to see some nerves come into play. G2K1 will be disappointed with their loss after some very close matches against RoE, but may be too desperate to play at their best. Meanwhile, Angry Pandas have openly admitted that they see themselves as the underdog in most matchups and were expecting far more out of their day two games. If G2K1 can keep their cool and secure a decent draft they should be able to continue their campaign through to the next series.

Series 4: G2.Kinguin 2 vs. SNOW Avalanche

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The second G2 team will also be on the verge of elimination. As an organization, they were most likely expecting much better results, and they could either feed from their first team’s success or suffer alongside their failure. A fresh mindset may be necessary if they are to play at their best but G2K2 certainly have a tougher match than their G2K1 team. SNOW Avalanche realize that one of their organisation’s team was bound to be in this position so will have prepared more for this eventuality. After putting up a strong fight in the first round and showcasing some very impressive play, they will definitely provide some good games for to watch. Psychology may prove an important factor for most of these games but rest assured that we will be guaranteed some high quality games throughout the day.

Series 5 & 6: To be determined…

The winners from the Series 1 & 2 will be playing the losers from series 3 & 4 to determine who will stay and who will be eliminated!

Don’t miss these games tomorrow! They’ll be broadcast here starting at 1:00 PM GMT.

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