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Winter 2016 EU Championship: Day 2 Recap

This tournament continues to build in crescendo. Today, there were a fair amount of upsets, including the double loss and eventual elimination of the first seed, SK Prometheus. Continue reading to get a summary of each of today’s matches with a link to the complete recap, which breaks down the match series game-by game with the draft picks and bans. If you missed yesterday’s matches, you can find the recaps here.

Series 5: Angry Pandas Black vs. G2.Kinguin

We say goodbye to Angry Pandas Black until next season, and G2 live to fight another day (more accurately later today in Match 9 of the tournament). The difference in the competitive scene is really starting to show as Angry Pandas, a stereotypically more casual team, just couldn’t seem to compete with the larger organisations like SK and G2.

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Series 6: G2.Kinguin 2 vs. SNOW Avalanche

G2K2 arguably led all three matches of the series, but will have to improve their ability to close out games from a leading position as they made this stage harder than it needed to be. SNOW Avalanche put up a commendable fight and provided us with the closest matchup of the series so far. Avalanche are the second team eliminated today and G2K2 will continue their fight through the loser’s bracket, but have they shown their strongest too early? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Series 7: SK Prometheus vs. Rebirth of Empire

SK Prometheus are the second team to suffer an upset at the hands of Rebirth of Empire. It’s not over yet though as they drop to the loser’s bracket to play again later. Rebirth are showcasing their strength in the drafting phase through their deep hero pool and it will definitely be on the minds of their opponents tomorrow. They are the first team to qualify into the semi-finals and we will have to wait and see who will join them.

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Series 8: Team Secret vs. SNOW Tsunami

Team Secret, the reigning champs, drop to the loser’s bracket and SNOW has showed us that they can be overcome, even if it takes three grueling and close matches. SNOW Tsunami secure the second semi-final spot and we move on to the final two elimination matches to see who else can claim those spots.

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Series 9: SK Prometheus vs. G2.Kinguin

For two teams that would be expected to make it through to the top four, this is a surprising situation with both teams on the verge of exit.  G2.Kinguin secured a semifinal spot and SK Prometheus, the number one seed, exit the tournament disappointed and much earlier than expected. However, it simply goes to show how closely matched all of these top teams are when the first and third seed have to battle in the loser’s bracket for survival and only one could go through. In the end, we will look forward to seeing G2 again tomorrow.

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Series 10: Team Secret vs. G2.Kinguin 2

Team Secret may be beginning feel too much pressure to innovate and that seems to have made them their own worst enemies. They have defeated a team that they openly admitted was one of the biggest threats to them and will need to take a step back and learn from this victory if they are to continue their title defence tomorrow. It took everything from TS to deal with G2K2 and eventually settling for their signature push comp in the final blind pick game, to seal this all important deciding game for them. This leaves us with our four semi-finalists who will be heading off tonight to prepare for the important final day tomorrow.

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Keep an eye out for the preview of tomorrow’s matches, which will come out a little bit later.

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