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Winter 2016 EU Championship: Day 3 Recap

This EU Championship series ended on a high note as Team Secret managed to defend their championship title in grudge match against SNOW Tsunami, the team who was strong enough to place TS in the losers’ bracket. Great games all around and a well-deserved congratulations to all the teams who made it to day three, particularly the renewed victors, Team Secret.

Continue reading to get a summary of each of today’s matches with a link to the complete recap, which breaks down the match series game-by game with the draft picks and bans. If you missed any of the previous days’ matches, here are the recaps for Day One and Day Two.

Semifinal 1: Rebirth of Empire vs. Team Secret

Team Secret are just a singular unit in these highly competitive matches. Rebirth of Empire seem to have suffered from the nerves of the occasion and fall prey to TS once again. The drafting and mind games were a large part of this series but in the end Team Secret make their way into the Finals to accept whoever advances to challenge their title as reigning champions of Europe.

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Semifinal 2: SNOW Tsunami vs. G2.Kinguin

SNOW Tsunami seem to have warmed up and come out the other end of a long four game series on top. But there must be concerns for their endurance as they head straight into the grand finals against Team Secret. SNOW knocked them out in the earlier rounds and labelled them as their toughest competition, so have the got it in them to do it a second time?

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Grand Finals: Team Secret vs. SNOW Tsunami

That wraps it up at the European Winter Live Championships. Team Secret emerge victorious for the second season in a row and lift the coveted champions trophy. They also take home the $12,500 prize money, undoubtedly keeping them in the limelight for many seasons to come.

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day three - group photo of the staff and teamsThe event staff and teams enjoying a final moment together on stage.

Keep an eye out for future announcements for the upcoming spring season of VaingloryLeague for both EU and NA.

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