Winter 2016 EU Championship: G2.Kinguin vs. Rebirth of Empire

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Roam Taka! An exciting opener before the match even begins. RoE are known for scaling compositions, but this direct counter-draft is certainly an interesting approach. RoE pick up the first kill, but it’s G2 who look stronger as a team as they pick up two kills after some nice rotations. G2’s teamwork seems to be the deciding factor here as they rotate and target much more efficiently. It’s the start of a slow bleed for RoE. Reddix gets greedy and hands over a kill on the back of an almost perfect team fight for G2. With RoE forcing a comeback with their backs against the wall, they pick up a clean ace and capture Kraken and secure two turrets. A failed push sees Blackfeather deleted before Kraken makes it down the lane, but RoE pull it off again with another clean ace and Kraken. This time all three go down – as a result, it’s taken 2 Krakens to get through a single turret. Such a wonderful game which could go either way. Immediately after a pause RoE take another clean ace and close out the game before anyone realizes what happened. This has definitely been the closest matchup of the day.

Result: G2K1: 0    RoE: 1


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G2 starts with the early tempo and get a few nice picks to start off the game. RoE don’t want to face another uphill battle and are being a bit more careful this time around. RoE secure a gold mine with a numbers advantage but lose the subsequent team fight, giving G2 another two kills. RoE push down a turret by turning around an even team fight. The teams bounce each other a few more times with nobody taking an evident lead. RoE pick up a full gold mine and finally, both teams are forced into an all out 3v3. In a nail-biting finish, Joule is the only one left standing and is starting to look fed. Momentum is with RoE, but G2 pull out a strong fight. However, DarkPotato dies to Catherine during a careless chase making it a two for two. RoE pick up Kraken but lose both carries. nettetoilette is proving to be a menace and picking up kills for his team despite being left alone as Catherine. Reddix is stun locked by RoE and DarkPotato and D1ngo are left to defend their last remaining turret. They turn it around leaving Catherine alone again but G2 secure that kill and take Kraken. RoE force the final team fight leaving Fortress alone for G2. They ignore the Kraken push and storm down the lane to close the series 2-0.

Result: G2K1: 0    RoE: 2

The first series of the day where the lower seed comes out on top, Rebirth of Empire are showing that a roster change hasn’t impacted their gameplay. It will be interesting to see what other compositions they can make work going forward with their strong statement that they can play anything. G2 will need to bounce back from this loss as it was certainly some of the closest games of the day and although they drop to the loser’s bracket they will be the favorites to fight their way back out of there.


Young talent MrKcool of RoE during his post match interview.