Winter 2016 EU Championship: SK Prometheus vs. Angry Pandas Black


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A slow start to the first game of the tournament. Angry Pandas make the first aggressive movements in the game by picking up the gold miner at seven and a half minutes; however, they choose to avoid any further team fights, leaving the scoreboard at 0-0 and the gold fairly even. The game begins swinging in SK’s favour as they pick up a gold mine and two kills for a deep turret dive. Eventually, 4000 gold separates the teams as SK settle in to a clinical performance with Pandas pushed back to their base. Overall, it seemed Pandas knew their win conditions with all their damage and stuns focused on taking down Skaarf, but struggled to do so with Ardan and Blackfeather running interference. A dicey team fight around Kraken sees WalDeMar the first to go down but Pandas take too much damage from Raph’s Blackfeather and Kraken aggro and end up losing the fight meaning SK secure a Kraken. As Kraken pushes into the Panda’s base WalDeMar survives just long enough to die alongside TonyLuo on Joule. HCYekun and jetpacks are the only members left alive as the dust settles and the Kraken easily closes out the game with no turrets remaining. Opening game goes to SK.

Result: SKP: 1    APsB: 0


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Game 2 starts off with a completely different tempo. Skaarf picks up a kill onto LeyaLeya during the first jungle rotations and answered next time around with a gank against Skaarf to make it a kill each on the board. But XuanXuan overstays and the power of SK’s Ringo/Adagio combo completely deletes him to keep the kills in their favour. SK take a questionable gold mine which almost gets stolen. A drawn out team fight sees Angry Pandas come out with three kills for two making it 5-5. SK re-establish themselves by aggresivley seeking the next team fight and secure the ace and two turrets. SK start Kraken but Ringo is deleted from the fight leaving WalDeMar on the retreat while jetpacks attempts to backdoor but decides against it. Another Kraken attempt is successful for SK and they clean up with 3 more kills before finishing game two and advancing 2-0.

Result: SKP: 2    APSB: 0

A clinical performance by SK shows their strength as first seed, and also their adaptability with Raph29 moving into a carry role. Angry Pandas put up a tough fight showing everyone why they deserve to be here, but don’t have quite enough to put any wins on the board yet. We’ve seen some lesser played heroes from Pandas like Joule, Reim, and CP Ringo, but SK give nothing away, sticking to what they’ve seen success with in the past. SK are keeping their eyes are on the prize.

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