Winter 2016 EU Championship: SK Prometheus vs. G2.Kinguin


Phase SK G2
Ban Krul Adagio
1 Blackfeather
2 Ardan
3 Vox
4 Skaarf
5 Catherine
6 Reim

TetnoJJ (formerly of SK) comes in as a sub to play for G2 on Vox. With plenty of rotations and counter invasions, these teams are use the map and their intuition more than any other teams so far today. Some poor positioning and misplays from G2 result in being caught out and handing an ace over to SK who quickly rush to collect a full gold mine. SK reached a 4000 gold lead and jetpacks baited out all of G2’s damage, allowing his teammates an opening to secure yet another ace, which they use to take another turret and gold mine. SK get an easy late-game kill by jumping DarkPotato’s Reim, and use the guaranteed numbers advantage to secure the Kraken, pushing the remainder of the turrets down and securing the first game.

Result: SK: 1    G2: 0


Phase G2 SK
Ban Skaarf Adagio
1 Krul
2 Ardan
4 Ringo
5 Fortress
6 Petal

G2 had another roster change, switching out TetnoJJ for D1ngo. SK chose an extremely unorthodox team comp with WP Petal for jetpacks and CP SAW for WalDeMar. SK’s shot calling seemed off as they engaged on some dicey fights and G2 take a couple of early turrets. G2 seemed more comfortable on traditional meta picks and kept SK on the run as they cleaned up their final ace and finished the game in one of our shortest times today.

Result: SK: 1    G2: 1


Skaarf Vox
Ardan Fortress
Krul Krul

D1ngo made the first major mistake of the game and teleported home directly in view of SK, giving them the perfect opportunity to secure a gold mine. G2 struggled to regain map presence but punish Raph who is caught out away from his team leading to an ace for G2. SK make the mistake of aggressive jungle positioning without Gauntlet available to them and G2 capitalise with another ace and a Kraken. The kraken proved deadly as G2 cleaned up with another ace.

Result: SK: 1    G2: 2

For two teams that would be expected to make it through to the top four, this is a surprising situation with both teams on the verge of exit.  G2.Kinguin secured a semifinal spot and SK Prometheus, the number one seed, exit the tournament disappointed and much earlier than expected. However, it simply goes to show how closely matched all of these top teams are when the first and third seed have to battle in the loser’s bracket for survival and only one could go through. In the end, we will look forward to seeing G2 again tomorrow.

day two - congratulations to semifinalists G2Congratulations to G2.Kinguin for making it into the semifinals.