Winter 2016 EU Championship: SNOW Tsunami vs. G2.Kinguin

Semifinals Match

SNOW Tsunami begins this series 1-0 since they did not lose any matches during days one and two.


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G2 seem to have flipped a switch. Despite a rough start for Reddix on Vox against PTLam’s Ringo, G2 start to get an edge in kills and gold despite being considered to have the later game comp. DarkPotato on Reim punishes the slightest mistakes of SNOW and PTLam’s Ringo is erased every team fight – DarkPotato constantly catches PTLam channeling his ultimate with his own Valkyrie and wipes him off the map. Infusion purchases scroll up the screen as both sides prepare for the all-important Kraken spawn, but SNOW are approaching this defensively and G2 take Kraken without any issues. With the game going later and later, G2 just continue to scale and SNOW have no response as a second Kraken push leaves SNOW without any turrets, but hands them the first kills they’ve had in a long time. SNOW seem to feel the risk of another Kraken spawn, but G2 seem to have vision of the entire map and immediately collapse on them. Without the same calculated team fight approach, we see Reddix go down 1v1 to Sosiska’s support Blackfeather, but in the process, Sosika isolates himself from his team and can’t provide any support to his carries who die in a 2v2 against G2’s other players.

Result: STsu: 1    G2: 1


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Blackfeather is handed to PTLam this time, and STsu build a buff comp around him. The game starts with G2 still in the driving seat. Nothing transpires until 13 minutes into the game, when PTLam’s superior poke leaves G2 in a precarious position at half health trying to defend their turret. SNOW take advantage and dive through two turrets, picking up two kills and the first turret of the game. G2 seem better at keeping their composure playing from behind and answer with a gold mine. It’s no end for SNOW, though, who remain dominant in this game. PTLam picks up a great kill on a squishy Reddix, and the SNOWball can’t be stopped as they close out this game meaning G2 will have to take them all the way to a blind pick decider if they want to progress to the finals.

Result: STsu: 2    G2: 1


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Not dissuaded by the weaknesses they suffered with Ringo last round, G2 go with the same pick this game, but scoop up the troublesome Blackfeather for themselves. Again, neither team can break their opponents’ turret defense, and G2 are the ones taking the risks. They’re rewarded eventually with some enemy jungle farm and a gold mine. G2 are baited into committing to a bad team fight and go down one by one handing an ace, turret, and Kraken over to SNOW and breaking this stalemate. G2 boast a strong vision game and use their superior awareness of the map to secure a Kraken, and the subsequent chase wastes some big skills and items on the side of SNOW Tsunami. No Gauntlet or Crucible means G2 pick off lookatme on Glaive with another Forced Accord thrown into the mix. PTLam commits too much into the subsequent 2v3 and hands G2 the game. It looks like we’ll be getting some Krul and Adagio as these teams put it all on the line for the deciding game for that spot in the Finals.

Result: STsu: 2    G2: 2


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G2 coordinate incredibly well to utilize their more aggressive hero kit to put SNOW on the back foot. The mirror Krul picks are somewhat of a staple here at the European Winter Championship. Both teams bounce off each other, and the Kraken spawns before anything significant happens – both teams need this extra pushing power to crack their enemies. G2 infuse and rush the advancing SNOW, gaining the element of surprise and essential first hits. The crowd breaks into chants with the house divided between G2 and SNOW support – these teams are identical in everything. The game goes back and forth as G2 rush through a defensive Gauntlet from Sosiska, but only Krul and Ardan survive and can’t finish off the retreating lookatme. As Kraken respawns, SNOW start gaining a foothold and picking better fights. The whole map is needed as we see them dance around each other, but SNOW come out of every engage in the lead. Reddix has a clutch reflex block on a max-range From Hell’s Heart, as there is zero room for error at this key stage of the game. SNOW come out on top of the deciding fight and close out the game to proceed to the finals.

Result: STsu: 3    G2: 2

SNOW Tsunami seem to have warmed up and come out the other end of a long four game series on top. But there must be concerns for their endurance as they head straight into the Finals against Team Secret. SNOW knocked them out in the earlier rounds and labelled them as their toughest competition, so have the got it in them to do it a second time?


STsu jungler lookatme looks at PTLam’s (not present due to a visa issue) stand-in, a small Ozo doll.