Winter 2016 EU Championship: Team Secret vs. G2.Kinguin 2


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G2K2 drafted their ‘new generation’ buff comp strategy while TS showed us a lane Phinn piloted by KValafar. TaisukeSan had a strong early-game by racking up unimaginable CS numbers and kills. KValafar struggled to land the clutch Forced Accords that his teammate, Mowglie, is known for; instead, he managed to hook majestiC’s Adagio midway through his Verse of Judgement, just as it was about to detonate. A lull in the pressure from G2K2 allowed TS to centre themselves and collect enough gold for some key items, but it was still was not enough. TS finally killed TaisukeSan in a team fight, but G2K2 still come out on top and trade two kills for one. Another team fight with similar results gives G2K2 an opening to end the game and they close it out with a resounding first win.

Result: TS: 0    G2K2: 1


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Much more standard comps across the board with the day’s most prominent heroes finding their way into this second game. Skaarf was sent to the jungle and TaisukeSan on Blackfeather was tasked with handling the aggressive Ringo from KValafar. TS showed the earliest signs of aggression, but G2.K2 seemed to be feeding off the energy of the crowd and their sister team’s victory. As two more kills went the way of G2.K2, the crowd began their chants of support. G2K2 took the first turret of the game, but it was answered immediately by TS, who pushed back, securing two kills, and taking down a turret. 15 minutes in, TS forced a team fight with their infusions close to expiration. They managed to take an ace, the Kraken, another turret, and prepare for the imminent push. What started as a tentative push turns into an all or nothing double turret dive for TS after they poke down TaisukeSan enough to give them the confidence to win.

Result: tS: 1    G2K2: 1


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TS went back to their roots and showcase their famous ‘SAW Push Comp’. In response, G2K2 settled into their own unique creation; however, it’s Ardan we see on the Ironguard Contract rather than the Adagio as they have run in their prior games. TS took the first turret at the six-minute mark. It’s another day at the office for TS as they take another turret at the 9 minute mark. G2K2 scramble to stay afloat as they sneak a gold mine right under the noses of TS. Another minute later, and another turret goes down to TS. An ace goes the way of TS, but don’t have the time for anything other than the gold mine. 15:18 and the Kraken joins TS in their march down the lane. G2 land a successful Atlas Pauldron and Verse of Judgement on KValafar, killing him, but losing their last two base turrets in the process. The crowd erupted as G2K2 rush from their hiding place in a lane bush, catching SAW out of position, but misjudge SAWs spin-up time and TaisukeSan immediately eats a face full of SAW bullets. With his death, it spelled the end of G2K2’s journey and TS began celebrating as they marched triumphantly towards the vain crystal to close out another incredibly tense series.

Result: TS: 2    G2K2: 1

Team Secret may be beginning feel too much pressure to innovate and that seems to have made them their own worst enemies. They have defeated a team that they openly admitted was one of the biggest threats to them and will need to take a step back and learn from this victory if they are to continue their title defence tomorrow. It took everything from TS to deal with G2K2 and eventually settling for their signature push comp in the final blind pick game, to seal this all important deciding game for them. This leaves us with our four semi-finalists who will be heading off tonight to prepare for the important final day tomorrow.