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Winter 2016 NA Championship: Day 3 Preview

With Elimination Day over with, the semifinal brackets have been determined. Four top tier teams will play a best-of-five series tomorrow: HH Velocity (winners bracket), GankStars Sirius (winners bracket), Nemesis Hydra (elimination bracket), and Team SoloMid (elimination bracket). Teams coming from the winners bracket will automatically start their series with one game won, with a score of 1-0. Read on to find out Broken Myth’s thoughts on the matchups tomorrow! It’s important to note that there will be no third place match; the losers from semifinals will both tie for third/fourth place.

Series 1: HH Velocity v. Nemesis Hydra

1:15 PM PST/4:15 PM EST


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HH Velocity has shown themselves to be a very mechanically gifted team, likely having the edge over Nemesis Hydra in terms of raw mechanical talent. However, NemH is a seasoned competitive team with previous experience on the big stage, and has been playing with each other for longer. One of NemH’s weaknesses seems to be a fixation on taking an early turret once it gets low, giving up jungle farm and control in favor of pressuring lane – hopefully NemH will learn from their two series today and remember to secure their jungle farm while still pushing. Both HHV and NemH enjoy high-risk, aggressive maneuvers, so expect this series tomorrow to be exceptionally full of high-energy plays.

Series 2: GankStars Sirius v. Team SoloMid

3:15 PM PST/6:15 PM EST


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Team SoloMid’s Winter Championship seems to be full of grudge matches, having faced off against HH Velocity on Elimination Day. In the first VGL Qualifier, GSS swept their series against TSM in a 3-0 best of 5, and in the second, TSM returned the favor. GSS v. TSM will be an extremely fun match to watch – GSS clearly had some growing pains in the second VGL Qualifier with the addition of FooJee, but judging from GSS’s performance thus far in the Winter Championship, FooJee has settled in quite nicely. Both top-tier teams with international competitive experience, it’s a pity that only one will advance to the grand finals, and that one team will be relegated to third place at best. This will definitely be a match to watch.

Series 3: Grand Finals

5:15 PM PST/8:15 PM EST

Don’t miss these games tomorrow! They’ll be broadcast here starting at 1:00 PM PST (4:00 PM EST)!

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