Winter 2016 NA Championships: HH Velocity v. Nemesis Hydra

Semifinal Series

HHV starts off 1-0 because they did not drop a single set on Day 1 or Day 2.


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Nemesis Hydra showed off fantastic early aggression against HH’s late-game composition, pressuring both lane and jungle to gather a 1k gold lead by just 2:30. They continued pressuring, widening the gap to 3k at 8:30. However, at 10:50, HHV grabbed the Gold Mine and killed two of NemH’s members as they tried to come in for the steal. Recognizing that they had a massive numbers advantage and that the surviving Chicken123 on Blackfeather had very little wave clear, HHV pushed over a turret, closing down the gold lead to just 1k in favor of NemH and massively flipping the momentum of the match. From there on, NemH played very passively, and HHV were the ones to steadily push forward. HHV’s team composition and item builds allowed DNZio’s Krul and Vains’ Catherine to peel and protect Aloh4’s Skaarf extremely well, keeping NemH at arm’s length and allowing Aloh4 to pump out damage from the backline. At 18:20, HHV picked up a kill on Hardek and captured the Kraken, double infusing and pushing to the win.

Result: HHV: 2    NemH: 0


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Right out the gate, HH Velocity aggressed heavily, and Nemesis Hydra responded by once again focusing heavily in lane, allowing DNZio’s jungle Ringo to clear almost the entire jungle by himself. Despite the emphasis NemH placed in lane, HHV took down the first turret by 4:00 and opened up an enormous 3.5k gold lead by 6:45. Recognizing exactly who the huge threat was in these fights, Nemesis Hydra built triple Atlas Pauldrons to counter DNZio’s attack speed and damage output. At 7:40, NemH followed on a fantastic Blast Tremor with a Yummy Catnip Frenzy, deleting DNZio immediately. Excellent target focus allowed NemH to secure several teamfights in their favor, taking DNZio out of the fights and cleaning up. NemH was pushing in with a Kraken, but DNZio’s superior positioning allowed HHV to win the last fight. They pushed over NemH’s last remaining turret and shattered the Vain even as Kraken was pounding on their own Vain.

Result: HHV: 3    NemH: 0

In a riveting semifinal series, HHV swept NemH to move on to Grand Finals. NemH’s teamfighting was world-class, but in the end, their macro strategy wasn’t quite as strong as HHV’s. DNZio once again showed off his otherworldly mechanical skills, both as a tanky bruiser in the first game and as a squishy hyper-carry in the second game.


HH Velocity huddle with guildmates to discuss strategy.