Zoning the Carry

Sometimes you need to do what you need to do, even if that includes ditching your team to win a team fight. This Petal was huge. This was a game before the change to Breaking Point, so it was still giving +12 weapon for each second you were attacking an enemy hero. This Petal was cleaning up team fights by having Joule and Adagio go in and she would sit on the perimeter and kite around, poking and poking until her pokes hurt like being hit by a dump truck. To put an end to her reign I let a team fight break out and then I combo Petal.

You’ll see I use my heroic perk to slow, then activate my Shiversteel, then use my ultimate (From Hell’s Heart), then Dead Man’s Rush to keep the gap closed, and then finally Spectral Smite to ensure I don’t die from her munions exploding all over my legs. Enjoy.


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