Blackfeather Builds

Last updated 7/25/2016 for update 1.20.

You’ll find the best and most popular builds for Blackfeather on this page! For more information regarding situational items, check out our guides for situational items on roams and carries! To see how well this hero performs in the current meta, check out our hero tier list.

The Fencer

Blackfeather is typically played as a semi-tanky bruiser with high mobility and a larger than normal amount of burst damage. This build can be used in either lane or jungle.

Skill Path


Both lane and jungle Blackfeather benefit from taking their B, On Point, overdrives first. This gives Blackfeather more frequent and larger barriers, more slows for engaging and disengaging, as well as a decent amount of poke with the base damage on On Point. After that, most players max out Rose Offensive for the shorter cooldowns on the charges. A very popular alternative distribution takes the overdrive on Blackfeather’s A, Feint of Heart, after he has his B overdriven; another distribution maxes A first, then B. All of these are viable and vary due to personal preference, though the distribution shown above seems to be the most popular.

Core Items


In lane, Blackfeather will usually start with Book of Eulogies to help with early sustain. In jungle, he will typically start with a Swift Shooter or Weapon Blade. Blackfeather should rush a Serpent Mask for mid-fight sustain, then go for a Bonesaw to increase his attack speed and shred enemy armor for even more damage. After he completes these two items, Blackfeather will typically want to get a Shiversteel to lock down squishy targets.

As Needed


There are a large variety of different defensive and utility items that Blackfeather can choose from. Boots are an obvious choice. Other defensive items should be built according to who is doing the most damage to you. As for additional Weapon Power items, Tyrant’s Monocle can be good for extra burst damage to assassinate a hero more quickly. Sorrowblade can be built for extra raw WP. Breaking Point can stack up fairly quickly with a well-placed Rose Offensive that hits multiple targets, and Tornado Trigger is a good replacement for Bonesaw if the armor shred is not needed.

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