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The 1.15 Hero Tier List Has Arrived

Due to the popularity of buff comps, Adagio undisputedly sits atop of the list. When utilized by high synergy teams, his fah-bulous Agent of Wrath buff and Verse of Judgement damage cause severe damage-trade problems from early to late-game. Also, with the addition of draft mode for Hotness and above, many heroes such as Glaive, Blackfeather, or Taka have lost their place in the Jungle meta due to the risk of getting counter picked by Reim, Petal, or Krul.

You can read all these meta changes and more in latest Hero Tier List. Enjoy!



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    Mar 17, 2016 7:07 am

    While I do enjoy the flavor that Wailmer’s lists have always had, I wish it could have maintained the old format. While this current format displays the heroes in all-position tiers, the main reason I had used the BrokenMyth tier list was to get direct comparisons on Jungler, Laners, and Roamers. Now with heroes such as Fortress just being given one position, idk how he is generally compared to other junglers. Similar issues appear for any hero that can play multiple roles as we just get a general idea of how they do as opposed to a comparison of how they do against other heroes in the same area.

    I suspect that Blackfeather has a much higher rating for lane than jungle, but this tier list can’t depict that and simply marks him as “meta.” Essentially, I’m suggesting (on part of my guild and probably more unspoken players) that you keep Wailmer’s flavor in writing, but continue to organize the tier list as you had originally.

    Thanks for reading

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    Mar 16, 2016 11:08 am

    Will you be doing the tier lists from here on out or just this once? I enjoyed comparing your’s from the forum to brokenmyth’s, but glad to see you here also. 🙂

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