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1.9 Broken Myth’s Tier List


Another update, another list of Vox changes. So apparently Vox was so powerful in the Jungle that he needed a hotfix. I had this wonderful photo (see above) from Brian (@BrianGlory on Twitter) but it hardly seems applicable now. However I am lazy, so it remains.  As always, this tier list is done with solo queue in mind, and the power level potential of heroes, not necessarily the meta. The 1.9 update brings with it a ton of questions about hero balance. Does Petal’s rework make her viable?  Is Ardan a potato? Is AdyEndrus biased about Krul? All these questions will be answered and more, after the break.

lane carry

9 petal_square Petal got a complete rework. Her seeds now explode when you step on them, and automatically turn into little ankle biters. She can leap off of her seeds as well, improving her mobility. She was incredibly strong in testing, so her damage was nerfed. By erring on the side of caution, she was overly nerfed. There just wasn’t enough time to get her numbers right. She continues to be a strong early game hero, but as it turns out, she lacks reliable DPS and falls off mid-late game. But that skin tho.

8 saw_squareSAW is flexible in that he can be built either Crystal or Weapon. He’s also quite inflexible as a corpse, because he dies a lot due to his squishiness and lack of mobility. Still a fun hero to play, SAW can be seen knifing people in the face for loads of damage. Compared to Mages however, his damage throughput can be random and just doesn’t scale into late game like other lane choices.

adagio7 Adagio is one of the most versatile heroes on the Halcyon fold. Although he is mainly used as a support, he can also play lane well. His early game is one of the most dominant as he has poke (longest range), damage over time, and sustain (heal). However, his late game damage falls off. With games taking a bit longer than 15 minutes in the current meta, early game heroes just aren’t as strong.

6  Skye got some changes in 1.9, including a reset of her A ability after using her B ability. This enables her to spam her abilities, dishing out massive damage when fed some gold. Primarily played as a Crystal carry, if she can get a few items her damage is incredible. However, it is difficult to farm lane on this build path, and she can be bullied out by Celeste, Skaarf, and Ringo.  She’s also extremely difficult to play. I can see her rising the ranks once players become more comfortable with her and her loose socks.

joule5 Joule remains a strong hero overall, especially with the 20% pierce on her Thunderstrike ability. Her flaming sword of doom strikes fear into the hearts of many. A key component any “Triple Stun” comp, Weapon power Joule scales very well into late game, dealing copious amounts of critical damage. Her AOE (Area of Effect) damage can hit multiple heroes from afar, and you can’t really counter it. The only reason she’s not as high on this list, is because she’s actually better as a Jungle carry due to her natural armor and tanky stats.

4 Skaarf has two left teeth showing.  One for each Goop he can light on fire at the same time in 1.9. Still an incredibly strong late-game Crystal carry, the Broken Myth changes knocked him down slightly. The wobbling fire weasel (have you seen his bush walking animation?) can still burn through anyone at full build late game.

3 Ringo was restored to his original pre-1.8 glory and then some. Increasing his attack speed even further with Twirling Silver, he’s once again a very strong lane presence.  Able to trade and farm efficiently, he only needs one arm to destroy you. He remains the best choice in lane for Weapon power, and earns him a spot in the top three.

2 Vox was number one until he got hot fixed. His A ability combined with the lack of assassins in the jungle meta jettisoned Vox as the number one Laner or Jungler. Changes to his base damage and reducing the damage to his A ability has knocked him down a few notches.  However, his kit is still so powerful that he deserves a top spot and likely will always remain in the meta.

1  celeste_squareCeleste is the queen of lane right now. With the changes to Broken Myth, she can gain those six stacks and then Solar Storm from afar, completely deleting your team. Not the easiest hero to play, but she is quite rewarding for landing those skill shots. On top of being the queen, she’s also got a snazzy costume just in time for Halloween. What more could you ask for?

jungle carry

rona_square6 Rona remains a great early game hero. However, to utilize her kit properly requires teamwork, which unfortunately is severely lacking in solo queue. Paired with Adagio she could be quite good, if she doesn’t crush his waifish body with her massive tree trunk legs first. Early game heroes tend to fall off, as games go a bit longer in solo queue.

koshka_square5 Koshka falls down in this update due to the prevalence of Crystal carries in the Lane. It’s always less optimal to run double crystal, and Koshka is best built as a Crystal carry. While her kit remains powerful, I have been unable to find a build that does not fall off late game. Maybe she’ll find her pants in the next update.

taka4 Taka got a brand new skin just in time for a nerf. His lifesteal was completely removed, and his X-Retsu only provides Ki stacks equal to the level of the ability. While still a good Weapon or Crystal carry, he’s no longer the dominant force he used to be. He hides under his basket of shame until next time.

krul3 Krul will always be near the top because of AdyEndrus. Krul benefits this update from the reduction of Taka’s sustain and early power in the Jungle. Add to it the early Tier one armor purchase strategy, and Krul’s early game weakness goes away. Krul also got a new skin, without the nerf. Sorry, Taka! Breaking Point remains the key item on Krul as he stacks his way to victory.

glaive_square2 Glaive, the destroyer of arms and Elo. Highest base Health in the game, check. Lowered energy costs on his B ability, check. Reliable stun, check. 20% Weapon AND Crystal lifesteal after level six, check. CullTheMeek showcasing Glaive’s true power, check. Incredibly tanky, with high potential for burst and sustain damage, Glaive comes in at number two.

joule_square1 Joule comes in at the top spot in the Jungle this update. Highest base movement speed (3.4), highest base armor with perk (205), highest base shield (133), and coolest tier three Gundam skin. Sliding perfectly into the triple stun comp, her weapon power build shreds things with her Thunderstrike. Maxing her A ability gives it a ten second cooldown, allowing her to use it twice a fight. Be the bully.


5 Fortress got nerfed in 1.8 and has been dragging his tail between his legs since. A strong early game snowball hero, but without aggressive play, his strength tends to get wasted. Late game, he struggles to keep up with other supports and earns him his spot on this tier list. Poor Pickles.

4 Phinn came rumbling into the fold in 1.9, and he sure is huge! His perk and abilities scale with items, which give him a very strong late game. However, his kit relies on coordinated team play, and that isn’t always available in solo queue.  Able to make crazy plays with his anchor pull, he’s incredibly fun and a welcome addition to the Fold.

3 Ardan, bringer of amazing Dad jokes. “Two peanuts were strolling through the Fold. One was a salted”.  The best protector hero, Ardan’s Vanguard saves the day, everyday. Scaling with Health, his late game is quite good.  He saves his carries so they can continue living and pumping out damage. Building a Breaking Point late game is also recommended if you like punching things in the face.

adagio2 Adagio is the strongest early game hero in the game. Paired with any attack speed carry, his B ability Agent of Wrath pumps out incredible damage early and often. Able to heal with his A ability, he can turn the tide of fights, and save people from themselves. Build him with some supportive items, but don’t forget Crystal power as his abilities scale with it. Getting a Shatterglass on him is super effective.

catherine_square1 Catherine is the number one stunna! Setting up the dreaded triple stun comp, it’s not just her reliable stun that earns her the top spot on this list. Her B ability, Stormguard, reflects most damage and has a four second cooldown at max level. Four seconds! She doesn’t need to build that many defensive items and can focus on cooldown acceleration to keep pumping out stuns, reflecting damage, and silencing her enemies.

That wraps up the different tier lists! If you see a hero moving up the ranks, take them out for a spin! Think someone is out of place? Drop a comment or message us on Twitter!



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    Oct 23, 2015 2:36 am

    This is a very interesting tier list and really made me think. I’m not sure though about some of the picks though. In my opinion 1.9 Vox is next to dead after the hotfix. Incredibly low early game damage and resonance changes that mean his ult does nothing against a decent cricuble. Because of the attack damage nerf he needs to be level 12 now more than ever to reach his potential and is only viable at high tier as a weapon carry. Because his build up time has been made even higher (I know, its crazy) he gets dominated in lane by the resurging Ringo and the Crystal carries and deleted in jungle by anyone. Even Petal “beats” him at level 1. I agree with Koshka and Taka placement, but in this meta the lack of early game jungle carries make Krul very hard to counter. I think he should be number 1, and rona number 2. Why? Well they only need a blazing salvo. That’s it. Insane tankiness and base damage, rush Aegis and Metal Jacket on those 2 they become unkillable machines with decent damage on heroes and objectives. Build into a Breaking Point late game and Atlas can’t stop you, because Rona and Krul are both viable with CDA as well (mainly Aftershock) with abilities like Foe Splitter unaffected by attack speed nerfs. On the supports, with this meta of tanks that do damage I really do think that Catherine’s stun-lock viability is outweighed by Reflex Block and heroes that never die. Furthermore, Adagio will win you any Jungle fight at level
    1 and Ardan traps you and slows you and saves carries and can get “that Rona/Krul/Glaive” right into your back line with his kit. So I would put: Lane- Ringo CP then Celeste than Skaarf. Jungle- Krul then Rona then Glaive. Support: Adagio then Ardan. This is basically my view on the best metals right now, but you make some good points. I’m a PoA level player, on the EU Server (I know out meta is different, but look how well Krul and Rona worked in EU VGL). My mains: Ringo and Krul.

  • Reply
    Oct 22, 2015 6:17 pm

    Nice tier list although I disagree on a few points.
    First off, I think that Skaarf would be ahead of ringo because even though ringo was restored to his glory skaarf has that long range poke which can just burn everyone to dust.
    In the jungle I believe glaive is ahead of joule due to joule not getting as much farm as she should and consequently not pumping off enough damage. Even though she does provide the triple stun comp, I think glaive’s after burns are much better in a team fight either for knocking the carry away or into the brawl.
    Finally, I believe that Ardan is better than Adagio purely as a solo q support. Adagio really can’t save any of his teammates, and in the late game his heal is so small it doesn’t even do anything but set up for his ultimate. His Agent of Wrath is strong but I feel Ardan’s Vanguard is much more effective. Adagio’s ult is too easy to just crucible and ignore, while without proper coordination(which is hard to do in solo q) Ardan’s ult can at least trap 1 inside without any escape.
    That’s what I think now as a skill tier 6 player, maybe I’m wrong or a little prejudiced, but what do you think?

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