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Broken Myth Team Speculates on New Hero “Skye”


The grand unveiling of a new hero brings flutters of excitement and anxiety. Is it going to be the next OP hero that will help you climb the ranks? Will it be the perfect counter for your main hero? Or will it be the perfect complement to your main?

The Broken Myth team loves wild speculation like anyone else and have put together a few thoughts about Skye, based solely on what we’ve seen with the “red carpet” 360 degree sneak peek.


Q: Who is Skye and how does she fit in with the rest of the Fold cast?

Jthias: Based on her look, uniform and hat, she seems to be a member of the Stormguard.

Gadianton: We’ve had a lot of different groups and factions show up in the lore so I think she’ll be somehow related to the existing heroes. Seeing she has a mech, I’m guessing some sort of tie into Joule.

AdyEndrus: I honestly don’t follow the lore, so I wouldn’t be the best opinion in this case.

Keldegar: She looks like an old air force fighter pilot in a Sherpa Jacket with her outfit. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a pilot in the Mech Academy. (Joule’s skin lore)

Brerman: Raised in a rain barrel outside a Stormguard barracks, Skye is very weak so she prefers to associate with other weaklings, namely the injured. So she works now as an unregistered medic with fantastic Fold-side manner due to her feminine wiles. The mech she drives isn’t weaponized, it’s an iron lung that keeps her, barely, alive (see childhood in rain barrel). Basically, she’s the sexy, low-cut, semi-deceased Florence Nightingale we’ve all been waiting for.



Q: What is it going to be like to take Skye and her mech out for a romp in the Fold?

Jthias: She’s going to be a weapon-power-scaling sniper. I expect her to be fairly tanky with typical move speed. I’m thinking she will be skill shot oriented, passive oriented, or require fast paced game play in exchange for high damage per second and dominance.

Gadianton: A ranged hero with at least the range of SAW or Ringo. Possibly the first ranged assassin. With the mech there could be some mobility to her as well. This would be interesting as she could be a glass cannon that stays on the fringe of team fights.

AdyEndrus: Definitely ranged, and I’m thinking her power suit provides a speed and strength boost.

Keldegar: She’ll be a ranged lane carry, as we’ve got Fortress Support and Rona Jungle melee recently. They said she was an homage to Korean players, so I expect her to be very difficult yet very rewarding to play.

Brerman: Slow, plodding steps that almost feel like they’re going backwards (think like that one Jamiroquai music video). Those “guns” are really dull syringes she jams into her teammates to numb the pain. Her most effective build will be three boots and the rest scout traps.



Q: What specific moves will Skye be using to unleash her fury on your enemies?

Jthias: I’m not expecting any crowd control skills, unless it’s a soft one like a slow or silence. She’s going to have at least one movement focused ability, which may involve her flying up and becoming immune to targeting for a short time. Her ultimate could involve this flight where she would unleash her attack from the air.

Gadianton: I picture a fully automatic ability with the two pistols where she stands still and fires in a large cone. Admittedly, this might be too much like SAW’s suppressing fire.

AdyEndrus: She’s got hooks on the sides, maybe her ultimate is those big hooks grab the enemy and pull them toward her. At least a melee grab that could stun the opponent, but if she could hold someone and then jump, oh good gracious me! She also has missile silos on her hips, there have been a few global abilities before like Celeste and Fortress, maybe a global missile strike.

Keldegar: I expect her to be able to fly. On her hips there’s definitely rocket booster looking things. A ranged lane who attacks quickly with her machine guns and can fly away when in trouble.

Brerman: Oh man, so you know those robot hand-looking things sticking out on the sides? When she activates her ultimate those dip into nearby teammates or opponents, whoever is closest, and randomly pulls out one item with crane-like precision. She then gets to use that item, if it doesn’t get stuck in the prize hole, but you can always rock the machine back and forth.


Miscellaneous Thoughts

Q: Are there any remaining comments you want to share with our readers?

Jthias: As far as graphics I anticipate a lot of particle effects and some really neat looking abilities. I feel like they are really going to make her look amazing when she pulls off difficult plays.

Gadianton: It was said that they wanted Skye to be a hero that required “high-skilled gameplay.” This leads me to believe she will be considered underpowered by those who don’t know how to use her and absolutely deadly in the hands of someone who has mastered her.

AdyEndrus: My guesses are better than all the rest put together, I assume blindly.

Keldegar: Skye makes me think of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where Skye is an elite underground hacker who turned out to be a Kree who has super powers named Daisy. Spoiler Alert.

Brerman: If you use Skye  you won’t lose Elo if: your teammates AFK, you lag, get matched up against higher-tiered opponents, accidentally buy the wrong item, get aced while attempting to take the Kraken (even though deep down you know you shouldn’t have tried), or just have a not so great game. Also, she only speaks Sumerian. 

Alright gang, that’s what we think about Skye. Now, what do you think? Post your ideas in the comments and get bragging rights for out-speculating the Broken Myth crew.

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    Jul 17, 2015 9:56 am

    She will probably use a high attack speed as she handles two pistols. Also, I don’t really expect those pistols to launch bullets. Maybe some lasers, idk.
    I could not understand those little “back-oriented” arms. I’m forcing to think they’re hooks like Ady, but, honestly, they don’t look like it.
    Biting my nails waiting for this chick!

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