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[News] Day 1 of TwitchCon – Phinn, Skye Changes, Autumn Map, and more!

The first day of TwitchCon brought tons of exciting news for Vainglory 1.9 including: Phinn—the newest support Hero, balance changes to several heroes, a new seasonal version of the Halcyon Fold, and a look at what we’ll see later in the week.


A roaming protector; tankiest hero yet, potentially ever.

Heroic Perk – Unstoppable: Phinn cannot be stunned, instead stuns are turned into a slow. Phinn can also not be slowed for more than 30%. Phinn scales more effectively than normal with defensive stats.
A – Quibble: Slams his hook down dealing damage and slow in AoE. Overdrive makes ability stun.
Polite Comapny
B – Polite Company: Pulls nearby enemies in by several meters and provides allies with a defensive buff; also damages enemies in AoE. Overdrive increases pull.
Forced Accord
C – Forced Accord: Throws out his hook and pulls in all enemies caught in its path. This ultimate is devastating in team fights and is very hard to reflex block.

Autumn Map

  • Brand new map for the autumn season.
  • Littered with pumpkins, dead trees and other Halloween dressings.
  • Implied that there will be a new map theme each ranked season.
  • Other seasonal content coming.


  • Target Lock procs move speed on first attack.
  • Suri Strike is more reliable now.
  • Sure Strike resets Forward Barrage now.


  • Twirling Silver cool down changed to 6 seconds at all ranks.
  • Twirling Silver‘s attack speed bonus up at each rank.

Other Heroes

  • Petal will be all over the 1.9 meta…” “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”
  • “There are Rona changes” (TBA tomorrow)
  • “There are Glaive changes” (TBA tomorrow)
  • “There are Taka changes” (TBA tomorrow)
  • More changes will be detailed tomorrow.
  • “[Vox] will likely be more balanced between weapon and crystal.”
  • Fortress, Joule, SAW, Koshka and Krul will not receive changes.


  • Turrets now regenerate a certain amount of barrier while not firing at minions.
  • 1.9 probably the biggest update ever.
  • Implied that Celeste skin will be revealed this weekend.
  • “At least two important surprises tomorrow.”
  • “Surprise related to seasonal changes” (TBA tomorrow)
  • “Surprise that is possibly the most request ever” (TBA tomorrow)
  • Broken Myth changes. (TBA tomorrow)
  • Shiro Kage Taka T2 confirmed
  • Minion Mine changes confirmed. (TBA tomorrow)
  • Death Metal Krul T2 confirmed. (Confirmed for 1.9)

Tune in tomorrow for live coverage, as well as a recap of all of the news.

Expect updates to this article while we review the stream, add things we missed the first time through, and fix errors.


  • Reply
    Sep 26, 2015 9:22 am

    Just finished watching the second half of yesterday’s recording and was surprised to hear them say that 1.9 has already been submitted to Apple so will be released any day now, depending on how long Apple takes to approve it.

    They also confirmed that a Petal hero spotlight video will finally be released soon since she has been totally reworked… Not sure what that means, but we did see her perform a weird jump on screen in one of the games.

  • Reply
    Sep 25, 2015 1:31 pm

    Phinn – They said that the Heroic Perk is a 15% bonus on defensive items. I think they also mentioned that the ultimate can pull enemies through walls (e.g., Joule after Rocket Leap).

    They indicated that Glaive changes would buff crystal power Glaive (so CullTheMeek might play CP Glaive, interesting), and that Vox changes would buff weapon power Vox.

    Very intrigued by Petal changes…

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