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[DFFOO] Leviathan Event and CHAOS Boss Overview

World of Illusion – Ultimate Leviathan is arriving on 11/17 at 6PM PT (11/18 2AM UTC) and with it comes the ability to level the summon Leviathan to level 30! It also unlocks a new summon board that you can earn points and power up your characters. In order to unlock Ultimate Leviathan, you must first level your Leviathan to level 20; so if you haven’t done that, you better get cracking. In this article, we’ll share a brief overview of the event, and then dive into a detailed overview of the CHAOS level boss.

Special Boosted

For this event, certain characters are special boosted. They are: Krile, Zell, Shantotto, Laguna, Tifa, and Kefka. If one of these characters are used, your entire party will gain double summon experience points!

Krile and Zell will be on banner featuring their EX which can be realized (EX+), with Laguna who will not have his EX.

The second banner will feature Kefka’s EX and Tifa’s EX (not realizable) and Shantotto without EX.

For farming the level 100 Leviathan fight, see this wonderful infographic by the Tonberry Troupe!

And now, for the info we’ve been dying for…

Leviathan CHAOS

DissidiaDB bestiary


Level: 150
Elemental Weakness: Thunder
90% Elemental Resist: Ice
Elemental Absorb: Water
Immunity: iBRV Down, mBRV Down


The ability names are translated from Japanese. As such, they may change upon global release.

  • Tsunami: Recast ability (Charge bar move)
    • BRV heal, AOE water magic BRV attack
    • Gives buff “Leviathan’s scales” for 1T
      • Leviathan’s scales increases his DEF and SPD
    • Causes Field Effect – “Maelstrom
      • Leviathan gains BRV regen during Maelstrom
      • Inflicts the debuff Sap to the target (Starts around 6,000 BRV per turn goes up to over 9,000!)
    • Changes to 90% elemental resists to ALL elements except Thunder for 1T
  • Tsunami+: “Tsunami” with increased BRV heal (Around 20,000 BRV intially, all the way up to 60,000)
  • BRV Attack: ST water magic BRV attack
  • Bubble Orb: When BRV < iBRV, BRV heal + ST magic HP attack
  • Aqua Shot: ST water magic BRV attack, low action delay
  • Aqua Laser: Recovers break condition, ST water magic BRV attack + ST HP attack
    • Also cancels Mag ATK up aura from “Attack power has strengthened!”
  • Flood Wave: AOE water magic BRV attack
    • Debuff “ATK down” to the target
  • Tidal Spiral: ST water magic BRV attack
    • Debuff “SPD down” to the target, Low action delay
  • Water is being drawn …! : Increases own ATK, DEF, SPD, iBRV, mBRV, around 80% HP
  • More water is being drawn …! : More increase of ATK, DEF, SPD, iBRV, mBRV, around 50% HP
  • Attack power has strengthened! : Mag ATK Up
  • (COSMOS/CHAOS) Resist Veil: Triggers upon party member getting broken
    • Nullifies HP Damage. Breaking Leviathan removes the Veil.


Turn Count: 65 or less
HP Damage taken: Less than 10,000
CHAOS Clear rewards: 5 Ruin’s adamantine nuggets, 10 Refuge’s adamantine nuggets

CHAOS Overview

Leviathan will open the fight with Tidal Wave+, giving himself 20,000 BRV, changing his elemental resists, buffing himself for 1T with Leviathan’s scales, and causing a field effect called Maelstrom. Maelstrom inflicts sap and will steal 6,000 BRV increasing as the fight goes on and his HP threshold auras take effect.

At the 80% HP threshold, Leviathan will increase all of his stats, and Tidal Wave+ will start giving 40,000 BRV. At 50% HP threshold, Leviathan will increase his stats even more, and Tidal Wave+ will give over 60,000 BRV!  So in order to tackle this CHAOS level, you need to be prepared to deal with over 60,000 BRV at once. This means using characters that can poison, sap, gravity, freeze, or deal huge amounts of BRV damage.

BRV Damage: Krile (3/3 EX+), Zell (3/3 EX+), Cloud (3/3 EX+), Garland (3/3 EX+), Tidus (3/3 EX+), Fang (3/3 EX+), Paine, Vayne
Gravity & Sap: Sherlotta
Poison & Sap: Serah
BRV Freeze: Setzer
Tank: Warrior of Light (EX+, 3/3 not required)

Krile and Zell have their shiny new EX+ toys, and if you happened to fully realize them, they can bring BRV damage to the table. Krile’s EX also batteries the party, helping to prevent you from breaks. She also has the added benefit of Thunder weakness, making her the premier damage dealer for this fight.

Cloud is another obvious choice here, because Leviathan is not immune to paralyze. This will help you delay the boss so you can shave him down. Cloud will also dispel Leviathan’s scales buff, which is a DEF and SPD buff immediately after Tidal Wave.

Garland is a powerhouse in this fight, delaying with each of his abilities and dealing huge amounts of BRV damage.

Tidus and Fang both bring excellent DEF down debuffs as well as good damage with fully realized EX+ weapons. Tidus can also abuse his free turn abilities to re-break Leviathan if Tidus is inflicted with Sap (as the Sap BRV damage will bring Leviathan out of break status!).  Fang can also launch which can help with extra BRV shaving attacks, and give the party the ability to do extra burst damage with her C65 (AA) ability for 9 total turns.

I thought I would make a note of PaineVayne, and Setzer as there were JP clears using these characters. See the video links for more info.

Sherlotta and Serah are obvious choices for support in this fight. Sherlotta brings both Gravity (EX) and Sap (Hurl Staff), along with huge battery, 20% HP damage boost, etc. On the other hand, Serah brings a framed debuff [Goddess’ Light] which is DEF down 20% and Poison (EX), and an additional Poison (Wound).

Lastly, bringing Warrior of Light to this fight will make it a lot more manageable as Leviathan has many AOE attacks which can overwhelm you. WoL’s shield will allow you to focus on DPS / shaving. Keep in mind that this also means you’ll have to compensate for WoL’s lower damage. This boss has a TON of HP and the turn requirement is tight. This is the highest HP boss in global to date, but hopefully this article has prepared you!

Good luck everyone! Also, a small reminder that if you’ve done all the CHAOS so far, this is the 20th weapon nugget == another Ingot!

Thanks and credits to: Lokkember on the /r/dissidiaFFOO Discord, inkwelder and the Tonberry Troupe, Rem (DissidiaDB), Black Nero (YouTube), and the DFFOO Crystal Chronicles Podcast Discord.


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