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It’s Tough Bein’ Krul – Viking Drinking Song

While looking for a good place to drink beers they stole from their fathers, a group of Halcyon teenagers uncovered a stack of Composition notebooks deep in the Jungle. The handwriting was coarse and smelt of decay, but amidst crude drawings of Koshka and Taka smooching and some tacky fan fiction, they were delighted to find the following tune. It’s rousing beat and self deprecating lyrics have enthused the drinking public immensely, although some Gythian musicians claim it’s melody sounds very similar to this song …

(I recommend you click the previous link and play the song at a low volume so you can sing along to the melody.)

So, Sing. Rejoice. Imbibe.

Oh, it’s tough bein’ Krul

just bony, bony Krul

Stealin’ me life from the turrets

I trudge through the Fold, So bloody old

There’s no rest so I’m always yawnin’


Gankin’ I’m the best,

with a sword in my chest

Even though I can’t wear a sweater

Ringo may try to kite, but I’ll hit him with a Smite

And the age of Krul will just be dawnin’


Oh, it’s tough bein’ Krul,

just weapon power Krul

Sometimes I build a Clockwork

When Breakin’ Point I’m packin, I’ll solo the Kraken

And this Fountain, wenches be fawnin’


Ardan I attack

and build up me stacks

That’s why we call him “potato”

But it ain’t no fun, when they have triple stuns

And then I’m always respawnin’




  • Reply
    Aug 27, 2015 1:53 pm

    That’s hilarious. Nicely done.

    • Reply
      Avrye the Small
      Dec 03, 2015 3:39 pm

      This was so true in so many levels. Ditto to that guy.⬆️

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