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Lessons of the Fold – Leveraging Ardan’s Wall-leaping Capabilities

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The scenario above is one of the many creative strategies that Ardan is capable of. If you’re not already aware, all three of Ardan’s abilities enable him to leap over walls. This is useful for positioning, running away, or chasing – or all of the above. If you haven’t already done so, familiarize yourself with the ranges of his abilities – particularly his Blood for Blood – and then train yourself to look for opportunities. You’ll be creating your own epic wall-leaping moments in no time.

If you’ve already had some epic wall-leaping moments, now is your time to share them in the comments.

— Gadianton


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    Nov 11, 2015 10:24 am

    He can leap SOME walls. I’ve tried to drop a gauntlet from the jungle into the lane and tried to leap over the middle lane wall. I ended up not making it over, so my gauntlet ended up only being a tiny bit in lane and I was still stuck in the jungle.

    Lesson learned, but it’d be a good idea to practice with his skills in a practice match or bot match first.

    His gauntlet can also be used to let teammates escape, to protect you if you are taking key objectives and to otherwise do some zone controlling.

    His Vangaurd is a great escape tool. It lets you leap to a nearby teammate – pulling you quickly away from the enemy, plus it propels your teammate even further away. If we need to run from a fight, I’ll let me carry turn and run first and hang back for just a second to take the enemy aggro – then vangaurd that carry just as they are about out of my range (which I know pretty well as an Ardan main). That way we both get out alive. You can also use vangaurd to jump to a carry that is out front of you and then throw a gauntlet from there to catch the fleeing enemy who would have otherwise been out of the range of a gauntlet.

    I’ve also used his blood for blood to jump onto the carry and then quickly throw a gauntlet. Or have used blood for blood to jump to the support if the other team is running and then throw a gauntlet to catch the carry.

    Another concept is vision of jungle minions. If you can see the minion because of a mine, you can use blood for blood over the wall (like Koshka or Taka too). So since you are already carrying mines as a support (you are right?) you can drop some during a jungle invade in case you need to bail. And you can keep some near your jungle minions so you can use them to bail out if the enemy does an invade.

    If you chain ardan’s A+C or B+C together, he has quite a range really.

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      Nov 11, 2015 7:20 pm

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure the other readers will appreciate the additional details.

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