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[Live] Official Developer Stream – Catherine Skin? Hero Reveal? Other 1.6 Stuff? (6/19/15)

Ah, the time has come again: we’re nearing another update. And with that special time, we get juicier live streams! That’s right, more reveals, skins and news. Last week we got a sneak peak at the splash art for the next hero, Rona, perhaps this week we’ll get to see her in action? It’s also fairly clear that we’ll be getting that Catherine skin this week; PlayoffBeard said on Wednesday that ‘those wanting to see the Catherine skin should tune in on Friday.’ I’m looking forward to another exciting week!


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    Jun 20, 2015 9:50 pm

    Man i love this site, since im too laz… i mean, i never have time to watch the streams and stuff. Anyway, i hope that one day you will become as famous as Moobeat from S@20, the popular LoL fansite… its just a matter of time 😉

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