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Patch 1.6 Speculation – Illuminati confirmed


A small dog entered the Halcyon fold when 1.5 was released on May 27th. We also discovered that Joule’s ultimate picked up right where Vox’s left off. 1.5 came out just over two weeks ago, and we’re already hungry for a new update! SEMC’s patch cycles have been roughly 4-5 weeks per release. Based on this, we can expect 1.6 to come out sometime near the end of June or early July. A release before the 4th of July weekend makes the most sense, so they can relax and enjoy beers and fireworks. Interestingly, SEMC has been very forthcoming with some of the upcoming changes in 1.6. 

Confirmed (and Speculated) for 1.6

Casual / Ranked Queues

  • Cards, glory, and daily quests will be obtainable in Casual queue.
  • Casual matchmaking will use some rating system (it is not a free for all).
  • Casual games will have no effect on skill tier.
  • Ranked queue will disallow more than 1 full skill tier differences when partying.
  • Ranked queue will be gated. You need Karma level 10 AND Account level 10.
  • Free hero rotation will only apply in Casual queue. Not for Ranked mode!
  • You must have 3 heroes unlocked to play Ranked.
  • Ranked games may show exactly how each win/loss affects your skill tier (may not be ready by 1.6).
  • Full released details from PlayoffBeard here.

Get Cards Section

  • Cards will be obtainable from glory (and possibly ICE?).
  • Skins will be much more obtainable once the shop is released.
  • Not clear on how cards will be purchased. Packs of cards makes the most sense.

New Skins

Hero and Balance Changes

  • Petal buffs incoming. She is “wrecking” in dev play tests.
  • Joule’s ultimate is being looked at and the knock back ability of her Rocket Leap.
  • Jungle monsters will no longer do true damage

New HeroScreen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.19.14 PM

  • Currently being play tested, not confirmed for 1.6.
  • Berserker from the lore?
  • Is good when built with a Serpent’s Mask.
  • Most likely a melee warrior, although the axes look like they can be thrown!

All Tier II and Tier III Skins unlocked for keldegar

  • Confirmed in 1.6
  • Thanks PlayoffBeard!

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    Jun 13, 2015 10:45 am

    Have they confirmed that the white, fluffy Skaarf is the tier 2? All they said is that was ”another tier.” So there’s a chance that it could be the tier 3?

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