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The Guide to Alternate VG Game Modes

Guide to Alternate Game Modes

Lately there have been a lot of fan made game modes that are being introduced in the Vainglory community. They are all a blast to play and and even more fun to watch. However a newcomer who might have stumbled into these matches might be left confused. Why is that Skaarf building two boots? How come there are a million scout traps on the map? Well to help address those questions, here are some of the fan made games you might see on Twitch.


Ultimate Bravery

Arguably the most popular of the bunch, Ultimate Bravery was originally a game mode made by fans in the early seasons of League of Legends. It was imported over by Dillicious of VaingloryLeague where it became wildly popular amongst streamers. The game in its essence takes any and all decision making out of the players hands and leaves it at the mercy of the RNG gods.  The results are a hilariously fun game with such builds as: Taka maxing his box first, tank Celeste and triple boots Ardan. I personally enjoy this game mode because it equalizes the playing field and can even leave PoA players at the mercy of Decent-ish players if the random generator dictates it. Plus you can always blame the build if you lose!

How to Play:

  • Generate a random hero, item build and skill from one of many Ultimate Bravery Generators. (
  • You MUST build the items presented in order. You cannot build the components of any of the next items until your previous items are complete.
  • Any time the skill you are given is available to level up, you MUST put your point in that skill. (Yes that means if you have goop first as Skaarf you won’t be able to take spitfire until level 3)
  • Consumables are allowed at any point in the game.

Streams You’ll See This On: Exceptions_vg, ShinKaigan, xMaveric, TacticalPinup


All Random All Mid (A.R.A.M)

Anyone who plays League of Legends in recent years will know of this game mode. This was a fan made game that became a real map in LoL (Howling Abyss). ARAM basically sends all players into a lane only skirmish where players duke it out in a never ending team fight. The rules for this mode vary from streamer to streamer, so double check with the other players first. This game is a blast because there is very little to no farming being done, just constant action and so many deaths on each team.

How to Play:

  • All players cannot go back to base to heal or shop unless they die (That’s right, even if you have 5 HP and 5000k gold to spend you can’t go back until you someone kills you).
  • No one is allowed to set foot into the jungle for any reason. This is basically everything past the lane bushes.
  • Variations include: random hero selection, melee only heroes, etc.

Streams You’ll See This On: Skipper587, NakedGreen


Mine Mania

Mine Mania is a Vainglory exclusive game mode made by WattieX where players are only allowed to buy scout traps. To make things more amusing, all players are not allowed to leave the lane, leaving a very limited amount of space for players to traverse through the proverbial (and literal) mine field. Since scout traps reveal other scout traps, what you’ll usually see is a wall of scout traps on either side with a narrow neutral zone in the middle where players keep detonating the other team’s traps. That is, until the enemy Glaive punts a player through ten scout traps to their death.

How to Play:

  • All players can only go to the lane (however recalling to heal or shop is fine).
  • The only item that is allowed to be purchased is scout traps.
  • Only melee heroes are allowed to be chosen, so attacking your enemy now comes with considerable risk of exploding.
  • First to two towers or 15 kills wins.

Streams You’ll See This On: WattieX


Elimination Mode (A.K.A. The Hunger Games)

This game mode was suggested to me by a viewer during one of my group streams. Admittedly I have only played it twice since then but I thought I would share it because it was a blast to play. Essentially players have a set number of lives that is determined before the match starts. Once they lose all of their lives, they are out of the game permanently and are made to watch the game from base while they root for their teammates. This changes the dynamic of the game quite a bit since objectives are no longer the only way to win the game. Instead you can just murder everyone else! It also leads to epic 3v1 standoffs and amazing sacrificial tower dives just to eliminate another player.

How to Play:

  • All players have a preset amount of lives (usually no more than 3).
  • If you are killed that many times, you are no longer allowed to participate in the match. Your character must sit in base and cannot buy items, such as flares.
  • The game ends when all members of one team have been killed or the Vain Crystal is destroyed as normal.

Streams You’ll See This On: ShinKaigan


All of these game modes that are coming out show how creative the Vainglory community could be. I personally love trying out all of these wacky games that really change the way we look at the game. I strongly encourage other players to come up with their own game modes and share it down below for other people to try. Who knows, it might just catch on in the community and it will be your game mode that we’ll be seeing on streams in the future!


  • Reply
    Apr 05, 2015 11:50 pm

    There’s also a wonderful game mode, that a guidy shared with me yesterday, called Fox Hunt or Kill the Taka.

    Each team is required to have a Taka and two ranged characters.

    No one can buy scout traps or flare guns.

    The Taka can only build items from the Consumables, Utilities, and Defense tabs. No offensive items, Weapon or Crystal.

    Everyone must remain in the jungle at all times. No one may recall, or return to base.

    The game is over once the Taka has been killed a certain number of times.

  • Reply
    Apr 03, 2015 12:04 pm

    These game modes are so great! I remember when the League community was creating so many ARAM games that you needed to be original with your naming convention to have people find your game! I remember memorizing the number of spaces I needed to put before my game title because a space came before the letter “A” in alphabetical sorting methods!

    I’ve also seen a lot of these game modes on TacticalPinup’s stream. She’s been doing a lot of duo streaming with WattieX, NakedGreen, Exceptions, and always has celebrities on there like xmaveric, devs, Frank_bot, and that AdyEndrus fellow. Don’t play solo queue with her, but she’s frequently playing these fun game modes, so if you want to find a place to play them, check her stream out as well!

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