Humor 2

The Stormqueen’s Heir

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Now this is a “lore” all about why

I’m the Fold’s baddest Mage, droppin stars from the sky,

Now before you click away just wait right there,

I’ll tell you how I’m Celeste, the Stormqueen’s Heir.


Out west of Gythia, born and raised,

Dad hoped my magic would just be a phase.

Churnin’ out, Maxin “A”, feelin’ mad OP,

My mom, my dad, brother Vox and Me.

When a coupl’a Stormguard killed our goat,

She was bleating outside and Kestrel shot her throat.

Saw my momz get stabbed, and we had to run,

But don’t worry, that’s only the start of the fun.


I stepped into the Fold, and out on the lane,

Grabbed a Broken Myth and brought the pain.

Ringo, Glaive or Skye it ain’t even fair,

I’ll delete them all before they fray my hair.


On most tier lists I’m seven or eight,

And my evil aunt thinks Monte Lille is my fate.

But she can keep the throne, I don’t even care.

I’d rather play VG than be the Stormqueen’s Heir.


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