Strategy Theorycrafting

Theorycrafting Ozo Builds

Since Ozo has just been released, we can’t endorse any particular build as the best meta build with too much confidence – hence why his build page is currently empty. However, we can theorycraft about builds that would be good on Ozo based on synergy between items and his skills. Once one or two dominant Ozo builds emerge, we’ll update his page with those builds.

Weapon Power

There are a lot of great items that seem like they’ll synergize well with Ozo’s kit. Let’s get into it!

sorrowbladeSorrowblade – This item is a core item on many weapon power builds because of how much raw damage it adds to builds. Obviously, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Sorrowblade performed well on Ozo.

serpent-maskSerpent Mask – Another core item, Serpent Mask is a common choice for sustain-heavy builds. On Ozo, it could be particularly effective because of how lifesteal is amplified with his perk, and also because of how well lifesteal works with AoE (area of effect) skills – and Three-Ring Circus’s third activation deals weapon damage in an area around Ozo.

breaking-pointBreaking Point  We suspect the new Breaking Point will synergize very well with AoE skills, since it will be very easy to build stacks if you’re dealing weapon damage to multiple enemies at a time.

bonesawBonesaw – Three-Ring Circus applies on-hit effects, which means that every activation of Three-Ring Circus will apply a stack of armor shred to your target. Additionally, the last activation of Three-Ring Circus will apply a stack of armor shred to all targets around you. Sounds pretty deadly!

tension-bowTension Bow – Although Ozo’s kit seems to be geared more towards sustain-heavy fights, a solid Bangarang with a Tension Bow proc can really mess up an enemy squishy. Tension Bow could certainly have potential on a bursty Ozo build!

Where’s the crit? – While crit is always a strong stat to add, we don’t think it synergizes well with Ozo’s kit. Three-Ring Circus does apply on-hit effects, but doesn’t say it contains an auto-attack, leading us to believe that Three-Ring Circus will not be able to crit.  We’ve done some testing, and Three-Ring Circus does indeed crit! However, we’re still doubtful of how useful crit will be on Ozo.

Possible Builds – A bursty Ozo build would probably look like Tension Bow and Sorrowblade – similar to Glaive’s Amputator build. You’d probably finish the build off with either a Bonesaw or Breaking Point. A more sustain-heavy build would probably include Sorrowblade and/or Serpent Mask plus a Breaking Point or Bonesaw.

Crystal Power

In playtests in the Vainglory beta for 1.14, CP Ozo didn’t seem to be too strong. However, he could certainly have some hidden potential!

aftershockAftershock – Ozo’s Three-Ring Circus is a skill that at max level has a cooldown of just 5 seconds, and it consists of 3 activations in 5 seconds. That sounds like it could be great for repeated Aftershock procs!

broken-myth1Broken Myth – Where Aftershock goes, Broken Myth follows. Broken Myth amplifies the damage of Aftershock procs, so it certainly has synergy there. Acrobounce also has some pretty great base damage on the bounces, which Broken Myth can certainly amplify to great effect.

Other items such as Shatterglass or Frostburn may be good to add some crystal power in for his ratios, but such builds seem to lack sustained damage. Aftershock, Broken Myth, and possibly a Clockwork or Eve of Harvest (for additional lifesteal) could work as a cooldown speed-heavy build that is fairly reliant on Aftershock procs to output damage.

Try Ozo out and tell us what works for you! We may feature your build!