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Would you rather have max Vainglory Talents or … A BRAND NEW CAR?

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Welcome back to Broken Myth! Today, let’s lift the veil on the cost to unlock and upgrade Talents. Talents are collectable hero upgrades added to Vainglory’s BRAWL Modes, Blitz and Battle Royale. Upgrading the level of a specific hero’s talent increases its effect. However, it comes at a tremendous cost of Glory. Below is the cost of all Talent Coins and their specific upgrades. Later, for fun, we’ll take a look at how much USD it would cost to unlock and fully upgrade all existing Talents!

Before we start, let’s go over a few obligatory remarks to make. First, the context covered here is the absolute worst scenario. Broken Myth does not encourage unlocking Talents in this manner; instead, we recommend you use Mystery Chests and the “Daily 5” challenge to unlock Talent Coins. We calculated the current costs associated with the “Pick 3” Market in-game without taking into account Talent or Mystery Chests. Adding on, you are welcome to check our math in its original form. I compiled the cost of Talent Coins from my own expense and the Talent Spree event for Vainglory Content Creators. You can also watch my Talent Spree, in which we tried to uncover all upgrade costs.

Coin Costs by Pack

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at how much it costs to acquire the Talent Coins required to level up your favorite Talents. When we buy from the “Pick 3” in the Vainglory Market section, we are limited to purchasing Talent Coins in a “pack.” Within this pack, the first Talent Coin is the cheapest. With each purchase, the Glory cost increases for the next Coin, costing you much more than buying the first Coin. Below is a chart displaying Coin costs by Rarity Level and the total cost of a pack. Needless to say, it would be in your Glory wallet’s best interest to only buy the first coin of each pack. But, who wants to wait for a Talent Coin to reappear in the Market? As you see, the first Rare Coin will only cost you 20 Glory, but a total of 36,600 Glory for all 60 Coins the Pack. The cost for a Talent Coin also increases by level of rarity (shown below). Keep these prices in mind—we will revisit them later.

Costs of Upgrading

Next, we need to look at the cost of upgrading. Not only do you need Glory to purchase Talent Coins, but you’ll need more Glory on top of that to upgrade the actual Talent. The first level is free. Find a Talent Coin, and you unlock the first level of that Talent. Afterward, you’ll need more Talent Coins and Glory for each consecutive upgrade. However, the required number of Talent Coins and Glory increases as well. The table below displays each level of a Talent, including its required number of Coins and cost to upgrade. The number of coins for Rare Talent upgrades increases rather rapidly, leaving you with a total of 2,263 Talent Coins to fully upgrade a Rare Talent! On the other hand, Super Evil was a bit less mischievous with Epic and Legendary Talent Coin upgrade requirements, as they increase by one Coin per level. This leaves you with 55 and 15 Talent Coins to upgrade Epic and Legendary Talents, respectively. Let’s take a quick look at the Glory cost per upgrade. Legendary Talent upgrades double per level, leaving you with a 75,000 Glory price tag on that shiny, fully-loaded Talent. The price of Rare and Epic Talent upgrades are a bit less dramatic, but we see considerable jumps toward the end of their respective upgrades.

Putting It All Together

We know how many Talent Coins are required, the cost of each Talent Coin, and the cost of each upgrade. Let’s put it all together to see how much it costs to fully upgrade one hero’s Talents. Taking the most efficient route and assuming we have access to as many Talent Coin packs as we need, we can calculate the total required amount of Talent Coin Packs. For a full Epic Talent upgrade, we need 55 Talent Coins and 63,500 Glory for the upgrades. To buy the 55 Coins, we’ll need to buy 10 Coin Packs at 55,000 Glory a piece. We can then buy the remaining 5 Coins for 15,000 Glory to complete our collection. For a fully upgraded Epic Talent, we are looking at 290,000 Glory. The chart below shows the Glory cost for the Rare and Legendary talents. We can add this all up to find that a single fully upgraded hero will cost 2,053,920 Glory! I know that is more Glory than I have earned in two years of playing Vainglory.

Putting It in Perspective

Glory is a free currency we can grind; so, what’s the actual USD amount on these Talent price tags? SEMC was kind enough to give us an in-game method to convert our ICE, which can be bought with real-world money, to Glory. We took a look at the conversion process, then calculated the conversion rate of USD to ICE. Different levels of ICE conversion exist with the more expensive option, giving us better rates. You can receive more Glory for ICE if you are willing to spend more money on ICE, that is. Even in the best case scenario, you will only get 8.3 Glory per ICE. Taking the best bargain of $99.99 for 14,400 ICE (ignoring any deals or discounted prices), we can calculate the rate at which USD converts to Glory. The chart below shows how much Glory our $99.99 USD will buy us if we convert ICE to Glory using the best conversion rate for this scenario. Using the understanding that we get 1,200.12 Glory per USD, let’s revisit the Glory cost per hero. Taking the cost of Talents in Glory—2,053,920—and dividing by 1,200.12, we get a grand total of $1,711.43 per hero! At this point, you may notice there is more than one hero in Vainglory; in fact, with the recent addition of Grace, there are 33 heroes. Our final chart below details the full cost of upgrading all Heroes’ Talents in Vainglory.

Would You Rather…

Again, we feel it is important to reiterate this is the absolute worse case scenario. Even still, we were surprised at the $56,477.15 price tag. This amount will continue to increase by 2,053,920 Glory or $1,711.43 for each new hero that is released. We decided to put together a list of things you could buy with this money. Now the choice is yours: Would you rather have fully upgraded Talents for every hero in Vainglory, or…

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