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Vainglory Weekly News Round-Up

Hello, fine readers. In order to increase Broken Myth’s productivity for the new year, we have compelled our three-eyed Ravens to gather information around the Fold and bring it here for you in bite-sized morsels on a weekly basis.  This article will cover new releases and teases from the great minds at SEMC, results and previews for the tournament scene, along with anything else from the community that you might like to know. Let’s get started with the real pertinents!

Autumn Season Ending

Consider this your (almost) final warning to grind fame for your guild. Payouts will take place on or soon after Janauary 13th with the glory and fame you earned plus promised “extra rewards”. Level 90 guilds are going to get guaranteed 15,000 Glory and 900 ICE. Payouts only go to Member status or better so make sure you have at least ten games in with your guild.

Winter Season Schedule Announced

Applications are closed by the time you read this, so let the hype train pull out of the station for North American and European Vainglory League schedules. This time the prize pool for those that make it to the finals is over $70,000!

Before they can reach the big stage, teams must first clear the first Regional Qualifier tournaments of the top 64 teams (boasting $5,000 prize pool per region). The first qualifier matches begin January 16th and will run each weekend until January 31st. If your team didn’t make it into the Qualifier, an Amateur Series will take place simultaneously with the First Regional Qualifier, granting the top 32 teams spots in the Second Qualifier. The Second Qualifier will run February 13th to the 28th.

Good luck to all the teams entered in the First Qualifier and Amateur Series, get those sweet sweet points because your Elo can’t help you now. Here’s a link for full details: Winter Season Competitive Schedule.

Winter Hero Giveaway Countdown

Hopefully you haven’t missed out so far on the fantastic hero and skin giveaways happening through the Vainglory Twitter page. What began on December 24th with hero 001 (Catherine) will end with Kestrel on January 12th to lead smoothly into the Winter Season on January 13th. All you have to do is tweet why you love the hero of the day with the #VaingloryWinter. Don’t reply @vainglorygame, just use the hash tag and they’ll find you from there. Winners will receive a free unlock of that hero, or if they already have that hero, the next skin they don’t own for that hero. What if you have the hero and all available skins? No idea, but if you do win under those circumstances, let us know. Here’s the remaining heroes and days:

Jan 4th – Ardan
Jan 5th- Celeste
Jan 6th- Vox
Jan 7th- Fortress
Jan 8th- Rona
Jan 9th- Skye
Jan 10th- Phinn
Jan 11th- Blackfeather
Jan 12th- Kestrel

VIPL Semi-Finals

This past weekend we saw the start of the semi-finals as WEV and Invincible Armada faced off in Korean friendly fire to move onto the Finals. Invincible Armada had a dominating presence in the match and have proven they will be a difficult competitor in the finals. There’s a replay on Twitch if you need to catch up.

January 7th we’ll see the ‘Murica battle of undefeated titans, Ardent Alliance and Gankstars Sirius. Only one of these teams can go on to face Invincible Armada in the Finals on January 9th. We’ll have your previews here, because we love you.

Dev Stream

We’ve all been going through Zekent-face withdrawal over this holiday season, but fear not because SEMC will be back with another dev stream this Friday January 8th at the standard time of 2PST. We’re anticipating teases for patch 1.13 and the start of the Winter Season. Rumors have been abundant with trophy cases, improvements to guilds and teams, and even a sweet tier 3 skin and new hero. What? You haven’t seen Reim? Scroll down, baby.


This handsome fellow is known only as Reim. Possible killer of Glaive’s ancestors, probable facial hair role model. The only info we have so far is that he is going to be a “tanky Mage”, but a little Googling will tell you that “reim” is a piece of ox-hide twisted to make into ropes. I smell crowd control!

Skaarf Tier 3

Dragon fans rejoice, another superb skin collection is now complete with the icy plumage of Tier 3 Skaarf. Coupled with an adorable children’s-story-esque lore by the OP SugarVenom, this reveal happened as a special New Years’ treat. This skin will (probably) be dropping into the Fold with patch 1.13 on January 13th. Hope you saved some ICE from your stocking stuffer iTunes card. Click this link to read the lore!

Taka Sale

If you use Google Play Store, you have one more day to get Taka at a reduced price of $1 USD. Exclusive to: United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India. Grab him today and X-Retsu your way into the hearts of millions!

Helpful Guide

Finally, Reddit user, iSteal1, posted a well-written tutorial on how to improve your gameplay by highlighting key tips to keep in mind. It’s always nice to see something so chock full of altruism amongst the rants and memes when browsing Reddit. Check it out here.

That does it for our first news briefing. Wishing all you full-tank roams and instalocking trolls a glorious week in the Fold.


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    Wow, love the new site layout. It’s great. You guys are doing great work here. I stop by everyday.

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      Thank you! We’re excited to keep expanding!

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