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[VGL EU] Round of 16 Preview

After an eventful first week, 64 teams have been narrowed down to the top 16 with a few upsets along the way. Let’s take a look at how things are shaping up for each of the brackets.


Media Pixel T1 (1) vs. RebelLion (4)

RebelLion ban first

MediaPixel had a close call last week after losing their first game to the lower seeded team, Reliable Union, but were able to regain momentum for the second and third games. Noticeably, Palmatoro has been missing from the starting roster and certainly the synergy seemed a bit off in their Round of 32 matches. Media Pixel have exemplary drafting skills and are able to draft a favourable composition every time, so RebelLion should counter this by playing to their own strengths rather than seeking to outdraft Media Pixel.

MediaPixelT1 R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2 R32 Game 3
Mowglie Phinn Phinn Phinn Phinn Ardan
Saif Kestrel Skye Glaive Kestrel Kestrel
KValafar Adagio Rona Vox Adagio Adagio


RebelLion R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
Nissim Celeste Ardan
RebelBukky Kestrel Kestrel
TrOY Ardan Sky


SK Prometheus (2) vs. SK Odyssey (3)

SK Prom ban first

SK Prometheus is the stronger team of the two with an impressive roster that includes L3oN, who was the only player to reach Vainglorious Gold in season 1. With both teams coming from the same guild, it is certain that the players will be familiar with playstyles and preferred heroes. We should certainly expect both teams to exploit this and capitalise on mistakes that players are known to make.

R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
L3oN Skye Kestrel Vox Ringo
Jetpacks Catherine Adagio Koshka Adagio
TetnoJJ Taka Catherine Ardan Catherine


R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2



RebirthofEmpire (1) vs. RebirthofKingdom (4)

RoK ban first

Confusingly enough we have RebirthofKingdom against RebirthofEmpire and it’s unclear whether or not there is any bad blood between the teams. RebirthofEmpire performed well in the previous qualifiers and were able to take the runner up position in the live finals. Empires have historically been stronger than Kingdoms with wider hero pool and better mechanical skill.

RebirthofEmpire R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
Nettetoilette Ringo

Phinn Ardan

Krul Kestrel
IroNs Catherine

UpFyr Skaarf

Skye Vox


RebirthofKingdom R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
GangTurk Ardan Ardan Adagio Koshka
WickedJr Kestrel Skye Ardan Ardan
KaiMaiBrei Celeste Ringo Ringo Ringo


SNOW Tsunami (2) vs. AngryPandasBlack (3)

Angry Pandas ban first

Angrypandasblack are a very aggressive team, but they do not always take advantage of their early map control and fail to have good vision. This could lead to their detriment in the late-game if they are unable to close the game out. Against SNOW Tsunami, one of the more cohesive teams in the tournament, they will have to focus more on coordination and sleeker team fights. Due to the prevalence of popular and squishy carries in the meta, Taka is a good counter. If the Pandas are able to draft Taka for TonyLuo, it’s set to be a tough time for SNOW Tsunami.

SNOW Tsunami R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
Lookatme Krul Krul
1Lt Ardan Adagio
PTLam Celeste Skye


AngryPandasBlack R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
XuanXuan Ardan Catherine
TonyLuo Taka Ringo Blackfeather Koshka
legendARIEs Skaarf Skye Adagio Ardan
LeyaLeya Ringo Ringo



G2.Kinguin 2 (1) vs. SK Chimaera (4)

G2 Kinguin ban first

G2. Kinguin 2 have a very strong roster with Reddix and majestiC, two of the five current European vainglorious players, in one team. It is clear that they have been able to secure their draft of choice most games, but against SK Chimaera, a team that is sure to have a pre-planned strategy, they may struggle.

R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
majestiC Kestrel Kestrel Blackfeather Blackfeather
Pips Koshka Ardan Ardan Ardan
Reddix Skaarf Skaarf Skaarf Skaarf


R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2 R32 Game 3
MYQ Catherine Ardan Catherine
lloH4uk Glaive Adagio Vox
RedWolf Adagio Ringo



SNOW Avalanche (1) vs. AngryPandasWhite (5)

SNOW ban first

AngryPandaswhite is the newer AngryPandas team and were able to knock the higher seeded NightsWatch out of the qualifiers in the round of 32. However, they have a tough match ahead of them as they come up against SNOW Avalanche. SNOW Avalanche, like their sister team, are also a very cohesive team making few mistakes. Pandas will have to recognise these mistakes and react to them very quickly to gain the advantage.

SNOW Avalanche R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
ColdICE Skye Catherine Ardan
Kentysik Koshka
Bashn Catherine
Araxi Skye Adagio
HFGuy Blackfeather Blackfeather


AngryPandasWhite R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2
Xinyi Catherine Ardan Catherine Ardan
Daniir Ringo Vox Kestrel Skaarf
DaniReborn Skye Blackfeather Skaarf Krul


GS.Kinguin (2) vs. Team iPooed (3)

G2 ban first

G2. Kinguin bring TaisukeSan, formerly known as REDemption, back into the competitive scene. Although iPooed are the lower seed, this is a very evenly-matched game and it’s difficult to call how the game will go. There is a dearth of previous tournament footage for iPooed, so it is difficult to predict how they will perform under pressure against a more experienced team.

G2.Kinguin R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2 R32 Game 3
TaisukeSan Ringo Ringo
Face Ardan Ardan
DarkPotato Taka Skye


Team iPooed R64 Game 1 R64 Game 2 R32 Game 1 R32 Game 2 R32 Game 3
Blurink Adagio Adagio Skye
Emirking Ardan
LordGentleman Blackfeather Blackfeather
AdoneNF Ardan Ardan Kestrel

These games will take place Saturday, January 23rd at 6pm CET on the VaingloryLeague Twitch channel.


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