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Weekly News Round Up

Update weeks are always a little light on news apart from the big heap of new content, but fortunately we had April Fools to keep things mighty interesting in the Fold community! I’ve been having a blast playing Alpha badly, hope you all are having more luck. I just love exploding.

Update 1.16 Bugs

Growing pains of any new update include various bugs that rear their ugly heads in the days following launch. PlayoffBeard and SEMC have been proactive about getting these squashed ASAP, but nothing seems particularly game-breaking at the moment (aside from the 70+ damage level 1 Adagio buff, which has thankfully been fixed).

Vainglory Partners with Twitch

Huge huge huge from our Evil overlords is the new three-year partnership with Twitch. All of us nerds collectively watched over 150 million minutes of Vainglory on Twitch in 2015, helping set the stage for this new venture involving a league and tournaments for Vainglory talent to test their mettle. SEMC also tweeted out a picture of their new Twitch studio, which looks mad swanky.  

April Fools

Topping Corpus is a tall order, but Infamous Heroes was mighty enticing. Personally I would have been all about that OP Vox with Resonance barrier dropping #sickbeats all over jerks. The community really pulled out all the stops with big teams claiming acquisitions of top talent. GankStars and Nemesis took it even further with the announcement that they were merging to form Unity. They even went so far as to create a website and record an episode of Shatter the Vain about it. I remember reading a Broken Myth article about that, but maybe I just have a bad memory. Impressed golf clap for that effort to all involved.

Interestingly, though, most people missed this fantastic prank about Mowglie from Team Secret playing with only his toes. 

Great Vainglory Articles

Here’s a couple of wonderful write ups about eSports and Vainglory from and Daily Dot. It’s always exciting to see the impression VG is making on the larger eSports community. As a mobile game it’s still a pioneer in this professional world. Better yet, it’s the Sacajawea because it’s leading those idiots Lewis and Clark to the promise land.

Broken Myth eSports Page

We’ve reported on plenty of player moves theses last few weeks, so it’s only appropriate that we make this more streamlined and easier to follow. Check back here soon for a new static page listing all the top professional teams with their current rosters. Maybe this way we can all keep better track of the characters so we aren’t double confused when Game of Thrones comes back.


Spring season will be heating up next week so come on back all you rascals for another dose of opinionated non-fiction. Have fun this week you tanky Reims and thumps up ping chimes.


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    Apr 06, 2016 5:04 am

    I fell for Rick Astley AGAIN! Plz Brerman… Plz

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    Avrye the Small
    Apr 05, 2016 7:17 am

    Hey, I think all you guys who write the Broken Myth articles should think about making an app for it. 🙂

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