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eSports is dominant this week, with a veritable bouquet of facts about players better than you. Unless you’re reading, Mowglie – please teach me how to Phinn. But things are ramping up in all corners of the VG world, and here’s how!

VGL Spring Season First Qualifier

I, for one, am stoked that we hardly have to wait for professional games, as the downtime is pretty minimal between seasons. This weekend didn’t disappoint – the rounds of 32 and 16 in both regions kicked off with a lot of action. The standout moment of the weekend came when relative unknown Lemon and Lime beat second seed SK Prometheus in EU. Check out all the games on Twitch.

Vainglory Invitational Series Presented by Mobcrush and BAND

Just because VGL is over until next weekend doesn’t mean you have to go into elite gameplay withdrawal. Starting tomorrow April 12th and going until mid June, Mobcrush and BAND present the Vainglory Invitational Series. Games will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in best of three matches between Team SoloMid, Halcyon Hammers, GankStars, Nemesis, Liberation and Phoenix. All the games will be streamed on MobCrush and shoutcasted by some of the most beautiful voices ever to grace the Vainglory airwaves… and also me.

Dev Stream Juicy Bits

PlayoffBeard and Zekent dropped hints about upcoming roam Lance on Friday’s dev stream. So far we know he has the longest range for a melee character – considerably longer than Glaive – and his abilities can control the pace of a fight and peel for his allies. He can also be built CP and still fufill the roam position. They also confirmed that Battle Royale will go full public queue in Update 1.17, so rejoice, all those that don’t have enough internet friends to get into a private match! Finally, it was teased that new items are coming over the next few updates that will impact every single game in every tier. Personally, I’ll be rushing the Vain Crystal Nuke (confirmed).

Rebirth of Empire Acquired

European eSports organization mouseports has gone mobile with the acquisition of EU Top 8 team Rebirth of Empire. mousesports are the kings of Counter Strike with 18 championships, so hopefully that good shooting juju will transfer into some wicked Ringo and SAW action, but mostly SAW.

Ardent Announces SEA Team Allegiant

Coming off a win in the SEA Shiversteel Tournament, Singapore-based team Suit and Tie joins the Ardent family as Ardent Allegiant. I don’t need to go into any further detail, because the extremely talented and handsome blog author for Ardent already encapsulated the moment this article. Man, his writing is sexy.

Alpha Lore: Daisy, Daisy

The conclusion of the Alpha lore brings the tears for fears with another devastating connection between Fold heroes. Krul is probably mad jealous about what a tortured soul Alpha, but he really only has himself to blame for cracking her neck (also licking her face – that’s gross, homie). The web of hero lore continues to grow in such an exciting way. I think we should all take a minute to picture what kinds of flow charts and venn diagrams Sugar Venom has to create to keep it all straight.

How to Lane

Redditor VG_KYE posted this generous guide to laning. It includes crucial tips about last hitting, how to farm under turret, and rotating. I find this incredibly helpful, but if only it made my fingers work. As Reddit undergoes a bit of a transition with new moderators and the removal of pathetic trolls, it’s nice to see stuff that isn’t just complaints about solo queue and not enough roam characters.

Team Phoenix Top 5 Plays

This guild has been busy. With a sweet new multi-media treat for your eyes, Team Phoenix has begun posting Top 5 Plays of The Week from some of the top tier players in the world. My favorite this time has to be the brutal tankiness and melee might of Reim as CullTheMeek stutter steps his way to an Ace.

That’s it again! I’ll be back later this week with some more silly “lore”. Peace and love all you Sword and Board and Forced Accords.

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