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Weekly News Roundup

The past week has seen tons of news from huge announces with regard to the next update, Vainglory 2.0 and nail-biting action in the inaugural Vainglory Worlds Championship.161115_worlds-bracketchallenge

update 2.0; skins, new features, gameplay changes:

Over the course of the past weeks and during the Worlds Championship, we received more news about the new update than we could’ve hoped for. Yes, we finally have the 2.0 update of Vainglory, and the update is deserving of the title in every right.


Three amazing new skins are joining the Gladiator Ardan skin that was revealed earlier. Two of these are Special Edition Skins, ‘Winter War Catherine‘ and ‘Gift – Wrapped Fortress‘. We also have a new Kestrel skin, ‘Winter War Kestrel‘. The Kestrel skin is a Rare skin, and Gladiator Ardan is listed as an Epic skin. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what that means. Needless to say, you’re really going to want these skins!catherine_skin_se_splashart_sarah 1000x500_winter_war_kestrel fortress_skin_se_splashart_sarah

new features:

The new update is also packed with new features including long-awaited improvements to the Guild System and also a new Mystery Chest which replaces the old Seasonal Chest and contains a lot move goodies to keep us happily grinding. The changes to the Guild System will help you make your guild easier to be discovered; introduces fame earnings for Solo queue players and changes the fame earnings based on number of members in the party; increases management control with promotions and demotions of guild members as well as the ability to manually transfer the Guild Captain role to another member. Read all about it here! The new Mystery Chest grants larger payouts, including a 1 in 3 chance of getting a full Hero or Skin unlock. It also includes an incredibly rare jackpot payout of 1,000,000 Opals, which is sure to have you set for life. Finally, Hero Select has been updated. All Heroes will display summary stats on their splash art, there are tips for all Heroes, warnings if your composition has flaws (no Captain? GG), and speaking of Captain–roles have been renamed and revitalized.

gameplay changes:

The new update will feature various gameplay changes including changes to starting gold, minion miners and adds a spawn timer to the Jungle Shop to radically change the early game. Changes also include a change to treants where treants attempt to cast a root on the player attacking it. SEMC has released a Keynote video highlighting all the gameplay changes along with other new features. Be sure to check it out!

The update will be dropping on December 14th, and we can’t wait!

vainglory esports franchise program and developer api:

SEMC is announcing a new Esports Franchise Program to help better the development of Vainglory as an esport and the collaboration between teams and SEMC. Note that collaborating with SEMC will not earn teams a spot at the Worlds Championship and regular teams will be able to qualify just as easily. SEMC has also released a new Developer API to help developers integrate Vainglory statistics into their site.The full coverage of these news items and more is available on SEMC’s blog.

vainglory worlds championship:

The past weekend has seen the coverage of the Vainglory Worlds Championship that took place at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The event format was as follows:

  • Day 1 was the group stage, with four separate groups of three teams battling it out. The first- and second-seeded teams of each group advanced to Day 2.
  • Day 2 was Elimination Day, comprised of an eight-team single-elimination bracket. By the end of Day 2, only four teams remained.
  • Day 3 was “win-or-go-home,” featuring the Semifinals and Grand Finals.

Day 1’s matches were

12:00PM D Velocity vs Hunters
12:30PM C Match 1 Winner vs GankStars Sirius
1:30PM B Team SoloMid vs Hack
1:30PM D Match 2 Winner vs RED Canids
2:30PM A Team Secret vs Phoenix Armada
3:00PM B Match 4 Winner vs GankStars Cerberus
4:00PM A Match 6 Winner vs ViVianne
4:00PM C Match 1 Loser vs GankStars Sirius
5:00PM D Match 2 Loser vs RED Canids
6:30PM B Match 4 Loser vs GankStars Cerberus
7:30PM A Match 6 Loser vs ViVianne
9:00PM N/A Tiebreakers as needed

Following the Day 1 matches, the 8 teams to qualify for the Quarter Finals were Phoenix Armada, Hunters, Gankstars Sirius, Hack, Team Solomid, Infamous Legion, Hammers Velocity and DetonatioN Gaming.screenshot_20161205-193333

The three North American Teams joined Phoenix Armada from Korea for the Semifinals.screenshot_20161205-194319

After some intense competition in both the Semi Finals, Phoenix Armada and Team Solomid emerged victorious to battle it out in the finals while Gankstars Sirius and Hammers Velocity were left to battle it out for Third Place.

Gankstars Sirius took Third Place in the Best of One match. The finals were a Best of Seven series. After six intense drafts and insane displays of skill from both sides, the Koreans took home the first World’s trophy, courtesy of Invincible Armada.screenshot_20161205-195353

Final Standings:

first place – phoenix armada

second place – team solomid

third place – gankstars sirius


Thank you all for reading this week’s News Roundup and I hope you all enjoyed it!

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