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Win VainGlory Stickers!


To celebrate the launch of we’re doing a small giveaway.

During the tournament each person who predicts the winning team before the final match starts will be entered into a drawing. Two lucky winners will be chosen at random. We will email them using their email accounts asking for their home addresses, and we will send them stickers!

If you can’t register, don’t have an email address, don’t have a mailing address, or don’t like stickers, don’t worry! We still want to hear your prediction on who will win the tournament!

Come cheer for your favorite team as they battle on the Fold!


AdyEndrus contributes content that helps players improve by understanding the meta. Like most players he lives for patch day. He loves to evaluate the changes to Vainglory and provides a tri-weekly tier list. Reach him on Twitter as @adyendrus

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