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Winter 2016 EU Championship: Day 1 Recap

Today was filled with dominant 2-0 sweeps. It was exciting to see many of the teams pull out unconventional picks, such as Ozo and Petal. Continue reading to get a summary of each match with a link to the complete recap, which breaks the match series game-by game with the draft picks and bans.

Series 1: SK Prometheus vs. Angry Pandas Black

A clinical performance by SK shows their strength as first seed, and also their adaptability with Raph29 moving into a carry role. Angry Pandas put up a tough fight showing everyone why they deserve to be here, but don’t have quite enough to put any wins on the board yet. We’ve seen some lesser played heroes from Pandas like Joule, Reim, and CP Ringo, but SK give nothing away, sticking to what they’ve seen success with in the past. SK are keeping their eyes are on the prize.

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Series 2: SNOW Tsunami vs. SNOW Avalanche

SNOW come into this round with mutual respect that they will aim to meet again in the finals, but with only one team able to win it appears that they are going all out from Day One. Leveraging a unique roam Blackfeather, Tsunami come out the stronger and showcase exactly what they are bringing to the later rounds with the SNOW organisation looking strong.

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Series 3: Team Secret vs. G2.Kinguin 2

Team Secret have started their title defence in a commanding fashion. They show that no matter what heroes or build paths they choose, they can come out on top. G2K2 moves into the losers bracket, but having to play the defending champions on Day One was a tall order and they definitely have a lot to bring to the table as they fight to stay in the tournament tomorrow.

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Series 4: G2.Kinguin vs. Rebirth of Empire

The first series of the day where the lower seed comes out on top, Rebirth of Empire are showing that a roster change hasn’t impacted their gameplay. It will be interesting to see what other compositions they can make work going forward with their strong statement that they can play anything. G2 will need to bounce back from this loss as it was certainly some of the closest games of the day and although they drop to the loser’s bracket they will be the favorites to fight their way back out of there.

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Keep an eye out for the preview of tomorrow’s matches, which will come out momentarily.

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