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We at Broken Myth have decided it’s time to go on the hunt for more writers! If you love writing and enjoy playing Vainglory, this is your opportunity. Broken Myth has a long list of projects we wish to release from video creation and patch note reviews to an exclusive wiki and game-changing guides. Keeping them in the idea bin isn’t helping anyone!

About Broken Myth

Let’s get to know more about Broken Myth and our values before we jump into the detailed responsibilities.

  • Ethics: Broken Myth’s only incentive to create content is passion. We all care for Vainglory, and we’re dedicated to seeing it thrive. Writers do not receive money, meaning they’re purely volunteer, but consistent contributors receive ICE payouts for each update.
  • Age: We do not look at age for your acceptance. Instead, maturity and writing techniques are observed. Students, teenagers and even grandparents are more than welcome to apply!
  • Key team principle: Every article is a team effort—we aren’t looking for lone wolf writers. Almost every article we’ve published has been through multiple hands, but we give fame to the original writer!
  • Maintain a positive presence on social media outlets. (Twitter, Reddit, forums, in-game, etc.)


As do all writing positions, we have a set of responsibilities for each applicant. Please take note of them before applying.

  • Vainglory: First and foremost, you must be familiar with Vainglory and its functionality. Our team of analysts, editors, writers, and graphic designers are always willing to help out with your tasks!
  • Write articles for Broken Myth regularly. We don’t have a set schedule for each contributor, so vacations and breaks are perfectly fine! You work on your own time, but be flexible with deadlines.
  • Article topics: There’s always a wide variety of article ideas, each with their own purpose to benefit the Vainglory community. We’re open to hearing your ideas, too!
  • Research your article topic by reading relevant blogs, forum posts, as well as other measures to stay up to date with your article’s focus.
  • Edit, revise and review work especially in response to player feedback.


For your entrance application, choose one of the following:

  • Support synergy article on Lance, Lyra, or Flicker. Include which heroes s/he synergizes with and why. For an example, check out our support synergy on Phinn.
  • List of Vainglory stacks explained. Break down and analyze hero and item stacks, specifically on what they each do. The article should only cover stacks that increase in number such as Alpha’s Core Overload, Grumpjaw’s Living Armor, and Bonesaw. At minimum, interpret 12 different stacks.
  • The best way to increase team queue and solo queue synergy. Discuss hero compositions, social pings, draft strategies, and anything else you feel is relevant.
  • You may also choose your own idea if these options do not suit your skill set. Whether it be analytical, number-crunching, comedy, or anything else, we would never shut down a good idea. We recommend you approve your topic with us beforehand via email.

All articles should be 1000-2000 words. Remember, you have full control over what you think is best! Write your article based on what you believe the community needs and what you see yourself writing. Screen your article for quality control before sending.

Please email your IGN, server region, and finished article to If your submission is selected, it will be posted to our site and promoted on our typical social media channels (Twitter, Reddit, etc.) with full credit to you. Additionally, we’ll take you in as a guest author at Broken Myth to see how we run behind the scenes. From there, you can decide if you wish to continue writing for us. Keep in mind there is no limit to how many writers we will accept, and that this position never closes.

We look forward to reading your applications!

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