Ardan Builds

Last changed 7/25/2016 for update 1.20.

You’ll find the best and most popular builds for Ardan on this page! For more information regarding situational items, check out our guides for situational items on roams and carries! To see how well this hero performs in the current meta, check out our hero tier list.

The Punching Bag

Ardan is mainly used as a roam hero that excels at protecting allies with health barriers and speed-ups, as well as slows and physical barriers against the enemy. This build is meant for Ardan‘s roam path.

Skill Path


Having Vanguard at level 1 is definitely the way to go – the barrier, speed-up, and slow can make or break early fights. Ardan’s B, Blood for Blood, grants more base damage and a 25% damage increase upon overdrive, increasing his fighting prowess. Maxing out his Gauntlet reduces its cooldown and allows Ardan to trap enemies in the enclosure for an extra 2 seconds, which may not seem like much, but adds up to an eternity.

Core Items


Most of the time, supports should always rush Fountain of Renewal first since it provides you with shield, health, and team-wide healing. With Ardan, building health throughout the match is vital due to his Vanguard’s barrier scaling off of his max health and his passive’s scaling with missing health. Build into a Crucible for the team reflex block and the extra health. Stormcrown is usually a good item to pick up due to its consistent damage and cooldown acceleration.

As Needed


War Treads are typical to build on supports, and especially important on Ardan due to its bonus health. Shiversteel helps peel for your allies (especially against mobile melees such as Taka, Rona, and Koshka) or prevent enemies from escaping. Consider purchasing an Atlas Pauldron if you’re against a hero that relies on attack speed such as SAW, Ringo, or Krul. Sorrowblade can be built for the extra damage since Ardan may be the last one alive in fights. Bonesaw provides some weapon power and decent attack speed, which synergies with his Blood for Blood cooldown.

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