Catherine Builds

Last updated 7/25/2016 for update 1.20.

You’ll find the best and most popular builds for Catherine on this page! For more information regarding situational items, check out our guides for situational items on roams and carries! To see how well this hero performs in the current meta, check out our hero tier list.

The Stormguard

Catherine is mainly used as a roam hero. Her kit allows her to body-block skillshots such as Kestrel’s Glimmershots very effectively, and the stun and silence in her kit are extremely useful for hard engagements. This build is meant for Catherine’s roam path.

Skill Path


Catherine should start with her A, Merciless Pursuit. At low levels, Stormguard does not reflect any significant amount of damage, so the stun from Merciless Pursuit is more useful for early fights. However, you’ll typically want to overdrive Catherine’s B, Stormguard, first because it grants a 25% increase on all reflected damage, which can cause the enemy team to literally kill themselves on your bubble. When playing against teams without much (or any) large bursts of damage, max the stun instead for maximum single-target lockdown. Catherine tends to finish her levels out by maxing out her ultimate, Blast Tremor, to take full advantage of its silence and cooldown.

Core Items


Most of the time, supports should always rush Fountain of Renewal first since it provides you with shield, health, and team-wide healing. Catherine should then purchase a Stormcrown for the consistent damage and huge cooldown acceleration it provides. After that, finish your core items off with an Aftershock for the extra crystal damage and even more cooldown.

As Needed


War Treads are typical to build on supports. Shiversteel can be picked up if your team is having trouble securing kills. Consider purchasing an Atlas Pauldron if you’re against a hero that relies on attack speed such as SAW, Ringo, or Krul. Crucible should be built if there‘s a burst ability or stun you can block like Ringo’s Hellfire Brew or Adagio’s Verse of Judgement. Contraption may work for you if you’re against Taka or Kestrel due to their stealth abilities, or are struggling with vision in general.

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