Celeste Builds

Last changed 7/25//2016 for update 1.20.

You’ll find the best and most popular builds for Celeste on this page! For more information regarding situational items, check out our guides for situational items on roams and carries! To see how well this hero performs in the current meta, check out our hero tier list.

The Starmaker

Celeste is almost always played as a squishy mage who relies on skillshots and long-ranged poke to output damage. Though she can be played somewhat effectively in jungle, she is most often played in lane due to how gold-hungry she is.

Skill Path


Celeste’s main source of damage is her A, Heliogenesis. On overdrive, this ability’s range is increased by 2 meters, and the cooldown on Heliogenesis is lowered by 0.4s per level, so you will definitely want to max out her A first. In almost all games, you’ll want to max Solar Storm for the extra stars and the damage they provide; however, in rare cases, such as against triple melee team compositions, maxing Core Collapse to drastically reduce its cooldown is not a bad idea.

Core Items


These items are the core of your Celeste. Frostburn helps you land skillshots more reliably, Broken Myth amplifies your damage, and Eve of Harvest is fantastic for sustain. The order of items built is up to personal preference. The most common seems to be the order displayed above (Frostburn, Broken Myth, Eve of Harvest), but some people prefer Broken Myth or Eve first. You’ll want to build an early Energy or Void Battery for better energy management. A Reflex Block should usually be built by the time your opponents turn level 6, as many heroes that don’t have stuns until level 6 get them in the form of their ultimates.

As Needed


These items should be picked up when you need them. Tier 1 Boots obviously should be built earlier in the game, but upgrades to Tier 2 or 3 can wait. Defense items should be built according to who and what you are taking the most damage from. Shatterglass can replace Frostburn on Celeste if you don’t need the slow in a particular matchup, or it can be built as a fourth offensive item if you don’t need too much defense.

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