Glaive Builds

Last changed 7/25/2016 for update 1.20.

You’ll find the best and most popular builds for Glaive on this page! For more information regarding situational items, check out our guides for situational items on roams and carries! To see how well this hero performs in the current meta, check out our hero tier list.

The Amputator

Glaive is mainly played as a semi-tanky warrior that can frontline for a squishier carry and also reposition enemy squishies aggressively. This build is particularly effective against teams with a squishy hero (or two) against which burst is useful. Though mostly played in jungle, Glaive can also be an effective laner. Just make sure to start with a Book of Eulogies!

Skill Path


The utility from Afterburn is too great to ignore; it can be used as an initiation tactic, as a disengage tactic, as a peel, or for its burst damage. Glaive’s A, Afterburn, decreases in cooldown for every point it gets, so it’s important to max that out first for team utility. Most Glaive players will take his ultimate, Bloodsong, at level 6, but will take the increased passive critical hit chance and cleave damage from the overdrive for Glaive’s B, Twisted Stroke, over further increases in his ultimate’s base damage and lifesteal. Some players, however, will prefer maxing out Bloodsong.

Core Items


Glaive should always rush Sorrowblade. From there, build Bonesaw and some defense.

As Needed


Halcyon Chargers provide the obvious advantage of picking up boots, but as well give Glaive the energy he doesn’t have. Shiversteel can be extremely helpful against squishy heroes that Glaive might have trouble catching up to, such as Ringo, Celeste, etc. Defense is obvious – build what you need. Tyrant’s Monocle can be useful for even more damage, as well as increase the chance that Glaive will output an AoE (Area of Effect) cleave because of his heroic perk. Breaking Point can be substituted for Bonesaw if the enemy isn’t building armor.

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