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[Recap] Official Livestream – Vox Reveal (3/27/15)

Splash screen for the Vox update.

A huge stream for news this week. The big news of course: Vox.

Vox was revealed to be a sniper, which comes as surprise to many of us who expected a melee carry. He can be built weapon for strong single target damage or crystal for AoE damage. His Heroic Perk, Julia’s Song, grants his basic attacks a crystal component and gives him a health barrier for basic attacking. Several of his abilities apply the effect Resonance to targets allowing Vox’s basic attacks to proc on them and bounce between enemies. His A slot ability, Sonic Zoom, is a blink ability that also launches two attacks at a nearby enemy. It also functions as an attack reset, and when overdriven applies resonance. His B slot, Pulse, sends out an AoE wave applying resonances, while slowing and revealing enemies. Finally, his Ultimate, Wait for It, shoots out a line that applies resonance. ¬†After a brief wait, Vox launches a shockwave along the path damaging and silencing enemies.

So aside from Vox the developers also showed off a lot of the new stuff coming in 1.3. Such as the newly remodeled profile screen, focusing on skill tier more than Karma now. It also now indicates how close you are to progressing to the next skill tier with bronze/silver/gold rankings.

Another awesome feature is the brand new Pot of Gold and Level Juice items, which are exclusive to practice mode and give the player more gold and XP allowing faster build testing.

There were also some minor UI tweaks: creep score is now displayed in the top of the screen, the end game screen has been slightly tweaked, as has spectator mode from when it was last shown. Notably, you can now pick your intended position in the hero select screen from Lane/Jungle/Roam.

While the developers were very vague about the balance changes, we do know the following: Krul has been buffed, Koshka has been nerfed, Adagio has been nerfed (specifically WP Adagio), Petal nerfed (specifically WP Petal). Celeste has received some quality-of-life improvements including improved accuracy on Solar Storm and allowing the ultimate to bypass minions ignoring them, it also travels slower. They also mentioned changes to Heliogenesis (it looks better now as well). Joule and Taka are under review for buffs. Finally, Skaarf is recieving “changes.” PlayoffBeard intentionally didn’t say wether this was a nerf or buff to troll Skaarf player, Skipper.

Another big thing: Spectator mode will be in the next update in a limited form. Private matches will have two slots for spectators.

They also mentioned that they’d be doing an event in Tokyo on April 8th for the launch of Vainglory in Japan. They have 15 slots available for players wanting to attend.

The Catherine stun/Roadie Run bug is being looked at, but will take a considerable amount of time to fix and may not be fixed until they have time to devote an entire update to bug fixes and improvements.

I hope everyone is as excited for these changes as I am. This is looking like a rather awesome update. It should be dropping sometime this week, though it hard to know for sure.


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    Jun 03, 2018 12:22 am

    Some words may be misspelled.

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    Jun 03, 2018 12:17 am

    In Battle Royal, I’ve always liked playing as Vox hybrid and testing hybrid builds on him. But there’s one build I have made that really makes me think that hybrid Vox is not bad. The build is Poison Shiv, Breaking Point, Dragon’s Eye, and Eve of Harvest.This build allows Vox to be great in 1v1s and team fights. Due to Breaking Point and Poison Shiv, Vox’s basic attack damage and healing will start getting higher. And since you guys brought back the crystal ratio in Vox’s basic attacks, having a Dragon’s Eye will ramp up the damage in the crystal damage ratio in his basic attacks and in the resonance bounces. In addition, adding a Eve of Harvest will give extra damage and healing through his resonance bounces and basic attacks. This information helps shows how this build on Vox makes him a threat in 1v1s and team fights. I was just wanting to tell how going hybrid builds ins’t bad ,also I just wanted to express my thoughts about hybrid builds and hybrid Vox to the Vainglory community. If anyone wants to give a reply go ahead. The feedback will help me a lot if you have any useful tips or thoughts on this topic (please reply back).Thank you

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