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Weekly News Round Up

I believe it was Mark Twain that said, “Reim is so OP WTF!!!!!” But then again, he was both a Glaive main and really bad at drafting. You know who isn’t? VGL pros. We got deep into the Spring season this week, and the sun is shining in all corners of the Fold, with fixes and good things to come.


This was a fantastic way to start off the spring season. The old champs in both EU and NA had to step aside for new teams to top the pile in the first Qualifier. Really impressive stuff coming out of GankStars’ new EU team Cerberus and Hammers Kinetic, the latter even knocking out their sister team Velocity. Head over to the VGL site for the stats.

Halcyon Spring Sale

Old merchandise has to move off the shelf one way or another. With the constant influx of new and fancier skins, SEMC has made some of their greatest hits more appealing with a 25% discount on ICE boxes this week. Starting tomorrow, and each day till Saturday, you can pick up Ringo, Koshka, Adagio, SAW, and Joule, in that order.

Vox Tier 3


Super Saiyan Tron Firefly Cloud Raider Vox Tier 3 is coming soon. All kidding aside, this skin is stellar. The effects in the art lend one to visualize some pretty incredible upgrades to his Resonance bounces and Wait For It. Myself and fellow guildmate NickyTsunami started VET (Vox Envy Team) after being repeatedly beaten by the sound Mage while simultaneously failing to play him well at all. When this skin releases, applications will be open to join our little club. To become a VET, just smash your fingers helplessly against your screen and plead “Lemme just last hit one thing!”

Quality of Life Hotfix

“Beard,” as SAW calls him, took to the Internets this week to announce a hotfix to improve some issues facing Update 1.16. This included, of course, the change of draft mode back to Hotness and above only, as you’ve all no doubt seen. The level of patience on the Internet is appalling as people react violently to every issue like it’s ruining the entire experience for them, but SEMC always listens and takes any action they can to at least throw on a bandaid until a permanent solution can be found. Please rate the game, like Beard asks, because you’re having a blast playing it so much so that anything more than 24 hours without a match gives you the shakes.

Mid-Tier Advice

Another great Reddit post, this time coming from user SlyB, offering advice to make it out of tier 5 and 6 and break into the upper echelon. For veteran mid tier players, like myself, some of this might seem obvious, but there is huge value in taking a moment to refresh yourself on tips before just jumping head long into another ranked game.


Some of our popular features were updated for 1.16 here on the site. The tier list, hero builds and draft simulator now have all the latest information for your eyes to guzzle and brains to theorycraft. All of this will be absolutely relevant until update 1.17 hits. “What then?” We’re trying our best, okay, Princess?

I’ll see you all next week for another rendition of, “Things You Probably Already Saw on The Internet But Politley Read Anyway.” Have fun all you Dark Parade Lords and Alpha Motherboards.


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    Apr 18, 2016 6:28 pm

    Typo. Politley should be politely.

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    Apr 18, 2016 1:08 pm

    Thanks but we don’t comment on possible leaks.

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    Apr 18, 2016 12:59 pm

    Thanks for the roundup Brerman
    Also have you heard of the Phinn tier 1 skin
    The card is on Twitter somewhere if you can find it

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